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Printer Command Language  
PCL font selection sequence

pcl pad PCL font selection sequences - are a series of parameters that are used to specify what font will be used to display a particular character code. The shape of each character (the glyph) in a font depends on the the style (italic, bold etc.) and the typeface (Courier, Arial etc.). The character code that is used to display a particular gylph depends or the Symbol Set used in the selection sequence.

Other parameters are used specifiy weight size and pitch. When a particular parameter is omitted then a printer default may be used. This may mean a different font is substituted.

PCL Printer Drivers may download a sub-set of a particular font so that the correct characters are available, or convert "difficult" characters to raster image data. RedTitan EscapeE will extract and install font sub-sets as required and decode character code positions by analysing installed fonts.

Converting PCL to PDF introduces a number of other font selection issues. You can limit PDF file size by using fonts that are always available in ADOBE READER. The Adobe 13 standard fonts are regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic variants of Times, Courier, Helvetica, and the Symbol font.

pcl pad
pcl pad
pcl pad


is the escape character code
hexadecimal 0x1B
PrioritydefinesPCL escape sequencedesignates
1PCL Symbolset

Ec (<symbolset>

see PCL symbolset
2PCL Spacing

Ec (s<number>P

0 fixed
1 proportional
3PCL Pitch

Ec (s<number>H

characters per inch
4PCL Height

Ec (s<number>V

size in points
5PCL Style

Ec (s<number>S

5compressed italic
160outline shadowed
6PCL Stroke weight

Ec (s<number>B

7PCL Typeface

Ec (s<typeface>T

see PCL Typeface

for example, the sequence

Ec (0UEc (s0PEc (s10HEc (s12VEc (s0SEc (s3BEc (s3T

PCL Symbol setASCII
PCL SpacingProportional
PCL Height14.25 point
PCL StyleUpright
PCL Stroke weightBold
PCL Typeface familyCG Times
Any PCL escape sequence starts with the escape code and terminates with an upper-case character. Sequences can be combined that share the same two characters after the escape code. In this case, the terminating character of all but the last sub-sequence is in lower case.

The previous example can be abbreviated as follows.

Ec (0UEc (s0p10h12v0s3b3T

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