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PCL Symbolsets

padding Character codes in the range 0 through to 255 can be specified in a single byte. Many fonts contain more than 255 glyphs. To support foreign character sets and special symbols, PCL font selection uses a symbol set code to specify a mapping of character glyphs to character positions in the range 0 through 255.

Symbol sets - Follow the links opposite to see how many PCL symbolsets are mapped. For example, in symbolset 3S - PCL ISO 10, Swedish the glyph displayed for the character code 5D is "Å" - "A" with ring. In symbolset 10U - the regular Windows PCL 8 has "]" right square bracket for character code 5D.

PCL Symbol SetCode
PCL Code Page 864 Latin/Arabic 10V 342 10v
PCL Code Page 864 Latin/Arabic 8V8v
PCL Cyrillic ASCII (8859/5-1986)0r
PCL DeskTop7j
PCL German0g
PCL Greek-8 - Code Page 8698g
PCL ISO 10: Swedish3s
PCL ISO 11: Swedish0s
PCL ISO 11: Swedish names 0ss
PCL ISO 13: Katakana1k
PCL ISO 15: Italian0i
PCL ISO 16: Portuguese4s
PCL ISO 17: Spanish2s
PCL ISO 2: International Reference2u
PCL ISO 21: German1g
PCL ISO 25: French0f
PCL ISO 4: United Kingdom1e
PCL ISO 57: Chinese2k
PCL ISO 60: Danish/Norwegian0d
PCL ISO 61: Norwegian v21d
PCL ISO 69: French1f
PCL ISO 84: Portuguese5s
PCL ISO 85: Spanish6s
PCL ISO 8859/1 Latin 1 (EC94)0n
PCL ISO 8859/15 Latin 99n
PCL ISO 8859/2 Latin 22n
PCL ISO 8859/3 Latin 33n
PCL ISO 8859/4 Latin 4 (Baltic)4n
PCL ISO 8859/5 Latin/Cyrillic 10n
PCL ISO 8859/6 Latin/Arabic 11n
PCL ISO 8859/7 Latin/Greek 12n
PCL ISO 8859/8 Latin/Hebrew7h
PCL ISO 8859/9 Latin 55n
PCL iso 8859/10 Latin 66n
PCL Legal1u
PCL Line Draw-70l
PCL Line Draw-7 (same as 0L)0b
PCL Macintosh 12j
PCL Math Symbol Set 19m
PCL Microsoft Publishing6j
PCL Microsoft Windows MS LineDraw8l
PCL PC-10049j
PCL PC-775 Baltic Rim codepage 26u
PCL PC-8 12g
PCL PC-8 D/N, Code Page 437N 11u
PCL PC-8 TK, Code Page 437T9t
PCL PC-8, Code Page 437 10u
PCL PC-850 Multilingual 12u
PCL PC-851 Latin/Greek 10g
PCL PC-852 Latin 2 17u
PCL PC-858 13u
PCL PC-860 Portugal 20u
PCL PC-861 Iceland 21u
PCL PC-862 Latin/Hebrew 15h
PCL PC-863 Canada-French 23u
PCL PC-865 Norway 25u
PCL PC 857 Turkish 16u
PCL PC 857 Turkish8t
PCL PS Math Symbol Set5m
PCL PS Text 10j
PCL Roman-88u
PCL Spanish1s
PCL TISI 620-2533 (Thai)0t
PCL Ventura International 13j
PCL Ventura US 14j
PCL Windows-874 superset of TISI 620-2533 (Thai)1t
PCL Windows 3.0 Latin 19u
PCL Windows 3.1 Latin 1 19u
PCL Windows 3.1 Latin 29e
PCL Windows 3.1 Latin 55t

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