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padding Advanced Function Printing (AFP) is an IBM product for printing mixed text, image, and graphics in a system-printing environment

AFPDS is the native data stream of AFP. AFPDS generated by RedTitan EscapeE may be printed using IBM Infoprint Manager.

Legacy modernisation AFP Viewer.

EscapeE will create AFP from any print format. As a source format, AFP can be viewed, data extracted or converted to any other print or image format. For example, AFP can be printed on PCL or POSTSCRIPT printers or AFP can be converted to PDF. EscapeE can be configured to reference resources external to the data stream.

AFP Support.

  • IM and IOCA (Image Object Content Architecture) images (banded and unbanded)
  • GOCA graphics
  • MMR, RL4, LZW, CCITT3, CCITT3 2D, CCITT4 and JPEG compression formats.
  • Monochrome, Color CYMk, Color RGB. Color definitions greater than 8 bit.
  • Intrinsic barcodes.
  • Presentation text fully searchable
  • Container object ASN support
  • Export using Tagged Logical Elements (TLE)
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