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Printer Command Language  
PCL font typeface

pcl typeface PCL font typeface is a number used as part of a PCL font selection sequence to identify a unique font family. The number is often used informally to ensure a particular font is selected but it is defined by HP as a 16 bit value.

Typeface Base Value are numbered as follows..

0Line Printer or Line Draw
3 Courier
5Times Roman
6Letter Gothic


0Reserved for generic typeface selection.
1HP use only.
2Agfa Division, Miles Inc.
4Bitstream Inc.
6Linotype Company
8The Monotype Corporation plc
20Adobe Systems, Inc.

pcl typefaces
pcl typefaces
pcl typefaces

MSB pcl typefaces PCL Typeface Family Value pcl typefaces LSB
15 14pcl typefaces11 10pcl typefaces9 8pcl typefaces0
0 Vendor Version Typeface base value

For example, a common printer font is the family CG Times designated Typeface 4101 decimal or hexadecimal 0x1005. Thus, the Base value 5 = Times Roman, Vendor value 8 = The Monotype Corporation plc.

CG Times would be selected using the PCL escape sequence


select as primary font.


select as secondary font.

Note that most PCL printers will print a list of available fonts with the appropriate font selection sequences.

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