If you have downloaded EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE from pclviewer.com web-site you will only be able to run it in demonstration mode until you register it. You may register your EscapeE software on completing the Installation or later from EscapeE itself.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textRegistering on installation

If you have just completed the download and installation of EscapeE, the Registration dialog will be displayed automatically.

1.Select Register a trial version via the Internet.
1.1.Choose an edition:
oViewer or
oTransformer or
oBatch Automation or
1.2.Choose a language:
oDeutsch or
oEnglish or
oEspanol or
oFrancais or
1.3.Click OK.
2.The 'RedTitan Software Registration' form is displayed. Your computer's ID is supplied automatically but you need to enter:
2.1.Your name,
2.2.The name of your Company and
2.3.Your Email address.
(In addition you may also supply your Telephone number and Address but these details are for convenience, not a requirement.)
2.4.Read the privacy policy then tick I accept the RedTitan privacy policy to continue.
2.5.Click Register.
3.Thank you for registering – you should now see a message with your temporary licence number, informing you that your licence RTZ file will be sent to your Email address. Full instructions are included but should you need further help, please contact the RedTitan Help Desk.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textRegistering from EscapeE

If you have been running a demonstration edition and would like to try more EscapeE features, you may register it from EscapeE itself:

1.Select Register EscapeE from the 'File' menu.
2.Click Offline to expand the setup dialog for offline details.
3.Please enter:
1.Your User's Name,
2.Your Company name and
3.Your Email address.

Your computer's ID and the Product name (ESCAPEE) are supplied automatically; entering your Address, Country and Phone number are options for convenience, not a requirement.

4.Send your registration details:
oClick Email data to RedTitan to set up an Email then click Send. Or
oclick Print to open a 'Save file as' dialog so that you may set up a file containing your registration details.
Enter a File name (you may click Browse Folders to open a standard file selection window) and select a type of file.
Click Save then please mail or fax the printout of the file to RedTitan Technology Ltd.

You will be Emailed a temporary licence for one month during which time you can try the features. You may upgrade to a full licence for that computer by sending payment to RedTitan Technology Ltd: see https://www.pclviewer.com/about.html. Then:

1.Open EscapeE and select Install RTZ licence file from the 'File' menu.
2.Use your standard dialog to select and Open your RTZ file.
3.When informed that your licence has installed successfully, click OK.

See the Overview section for an introduction to using EscapeE.

Blue diamond bullet Tip: your ID and Licence number are shown on the About box ('Help' menu).