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The EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE program for reprocessing print files is the heart of the RedTitan EE Applications Programming Interface. It can read PCL®, PostScript® and Epson® print files, AFP® and Zenographics© print streams, RTF and TXT document formats, PDF and other image formats such as BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and Xerox® IMG. Also CSV, XML, PCC, DICOM® medical, DCX/PCX fax, STAR® Point-Of-Sale and of course, RedTitan DDF, IDF, RS2 and UberEd files. Wizards are provided for creating documents in IDF which users may edit and export in other formats.

It is the host program for the EscapeE Software Development Kit.

This section describes

What this document transform system can do: see About EscapeE conversion resources.
How to download and install EscapeE from the internet; 'demonstration' and 'try-before you buy' editions: see Downloading EscapeE from the internet.
How to register for a fully-functioning trial edition: see Registering your software.
About Updating and upgrading EscapeE.
How to move your EscapeE to a new system: see Transferring EscapeE to another PC or Virtual Server.
Uninstalling EscapeE.
The RedTitan software licence agreement.