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Document authentication  
RedTitan Document Authentication architecture

xml signature

Scope - RedTitan use an external signature to authenticate documents. This technique leaves the target file completely intact and extends document signing to wide array of image and document formats.

Audit - RedTitan simplifies the creation and verfification of signatures and the simple architectecture lends itself to third party audit.

Ergonomics and automation - EscapeE can also add a physical signature or stamp to a document. This gives a visual indication of the authenticated status and improves user acceptance and the ergonomics of document workflows. You can see what you are signing or automate in the document factory.

xml document
xml document
xml document
RedTitan EscapeE is a program for viewing and transforming PDF, PCL, RTF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG and HPGL. Most business
documents can be created in these formats. A composite document can be described in EscapeE using an XML notation
called Intelligent Document Format (IDF).
e.g. The following XML is used to add an engineering diagram in TIF format to a PDF report
This notation is extended to include a digital signature for the PDF file that may be verified using EscapeE.

Any file can have a digital signature and any number of signatures (using different private keys) can be added to a file.
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