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 PDF signing with certicates  
Digital Document Authentication


A digital signature is a summary or digest of a file content that has been protected by a secret crytographic key. The technique will let you detect unauthorised changes.

RedTitan EscapeE is a powerful document viewer and transform system used by many thousands of business users worldwide. Adding Public Key Infrastucture technology makes digital signing intuitive and EscapeE the most flexible solution available.

  • Read, view and sign PDF without using Adobe™ software.
  • Add signatures to photographs and scanned images in JPEG or TIFF.
  • Sign print ready files in PCL formats including PCL6 and PCL3GUI
  • Automated systems for the document factory

RedTitan document authentication uses advanced cryptographic technology to protect your digital assets from unauthorised alteration or forgery.
  • Contract approval cycle
  • Quality assurance
  • Legal non-repudiation
  • Forensic document analysis
  • Version control management
  • Document revision workflow
  • Intellectual property and copyright protection
  • Archive verification
Using open standards that are capable of third party audit and verification, RedTitan Digital Document Authentication provides the business user a security system with unique cpabilities.
Ergonomics RedTitan EscapeE is designed to automate document processing applications. Any print file can be converted to a PDF with a digital signature to be used with ADOBE READER. Large volume encryption, decryption and signing can all be done at high speed. e.g.
ESCAPEE Contract42 /sign default /PDF /X
Print what you see RedTitan EscapeE will view and transform print files. You are no longer dependent on printer drivers on client systems. The "print file" can be the authorised version.
See what you sign The system is not restricted to a PDF file. A composite document can also include any number of print files and images like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, IMG and text. Each element can be digitally signed.
Future proof The Signature can be processed by ADOBE and third party applications. The complete file is part of the signature digest and proprietry tools would not be required to recreate the verification software.
Open architecture The system uses a Public Key Infrastructure supported by digital certificates and will verify trust lists. RedTitan use Windows based RSA cryptography and PKCS7 format 2048 bits keys. Digest algorithms include SHA1/2 and MD5.
A question of trust RedTitan celebrates 25 years in the electronic document industry. Our commitment to our customers extends from superb support right through to source code escrow.
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