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Capture parallel port

padding Print2PC - A protocol converter for capturing printer output via parallel interfaces. Parallel port capture AND conversion to electronic format completely automated

If you cannot change "type approved" or "black box" hardware then PRINT2PC can provide a safe replacement for the printer that will create both a printed record and an electronic document.

Package - Requires Windows System includes print capture hardware and EscapeE transform software. Print capture automation includes a spooler with a browser based interface.

Print capture applications
  • EMR ophthalmology, diagnostic equipment - make medical records into electronic documents.
  • Data loggers - have both a printed and online record.
  • Engineering control equipment - cut out mistakes re-keying data from printout.
  • Replace legacy printer with database, spreadsheet and better reporting applications.
  • Clean room printing - replace physical printer with a "clean" PRINT2PC box.
pcl pad
Plug-in replacement for a printer that completely automates electronic document production.
pcl pad
centronics port capture hardware Data from legacy applications that can only print to the parallel port can be captured and reprocessed using RedTitan Print2PC hardware.
  • Convert print data to an electronic format.
  • Replace printer with networked alternatives.
  • No change to application software.
parallel port print capture
A fast microprocessor negotiates an appropriate protocol with the host computer and sends the data to the capture host using a USB interface. RedTitan Print2PC uses EscapeE to convert print files.
  • HP PCL3-5 laserjet formats.
  • PCL6 and PCL/XL
  • HPGL plot formats
  • Full color inkjet formats including PCL3GUI
  • Specification
paddingYES - we make a USB attached printer capture system too! virtual printer
parallel to usb converter
Automation software (see PRINT2PC USERS GUIDE) is provided so that the captured data can be converted to an image or PDF format document. Replace printer hardware Over 3000 Print2PC units have been sold worldwide to replace paper printout with a system that automatically creates an electronic document. Read how a customer in the UK uses the system to capture opthalmic images from a Humphrey Field Analyzer.

Contact help@redtitan.com for pricing and reseller information.

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