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Capture USB port

padding Virtual Printer Model UU2 - A direct replacement for a USB attached printer with a programmable personality. Captures print data and converts to an electronic document format

Power USB 5V supply. No external power is required.

Physical 66mm x 66mm x 28mm.

Certification - EN 45014. FCC Part 15 Class B. ROHS. Box rated UL94 V-0. Conformity

USB - B type. Requires two A to B USB cables

Capturing printer data may simply require redirecting output to a disk file or intercepting TCP/IP traffic but if the host computer is a "locked down black box" or is completely isolated from a network (like many medical or diagnostic devices), print capture presents more of a challenge. In some cases (particularily type approved equipment) it may not be possible to change or update the host computer software at all.
  • Medical - EMR generation
  • Black box - print capture and reprocessing
  • Logging
  • Clean room printing - replace physical printer with a "clean" PRINT2PC box. - see case study
  • Security - network isolation
pcl pad

RedTitan print capture hardware is used in several thousand installations worldwide to migrate high value paper print applications to electronic records.

USB port printing


Data from applications that can only print to a USB attached printer can be captured and reprocessed. A printer attached to a host computer using a USB port is replaced by the Print2USB Virtual Printer. There are no requirements to change the host application or configuration. Host application print files are directed by PRINT2USB to RedTitan EscapeE transform software running on a PC connected using a second USB port.
Replace USB attached printer with a Virtual Printer and capture output in an electronic document format

The printed document is a key element of most business applications. Keeping an "electronic copy" of printout is important part of the process. Typically, captured print documents are in Page Description Language(PDL) formats like PCL, PostScript or AFP. RedTitan EscapeE will reprocess print data "PDL" to create electronic documents, like PDF, or reprocess to extract data in to other formats.

EscapeE supports most printer formats including HP™ PCL (including PCL3GUI inkjet), HPGL plotter, Postscript™, Epson™ and many others. Print data is spooled before reprocessing to any number of target electronic document or image formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG.

Part of the automation process can be used to extract index or key filing data from the printout. For example, XML format for adding to an EXCEL ™ database.

USB2PC hardware is programmed from the capture management console to attach to the source host computer without requiring user intervention. It responds in the same way to the host computer as the physical printer it replaces.

Programming the Virtual Printer identity

Capture parallel port

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USB port print capture
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