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Store and Forward Spooler

pcl pad RedTitan Enterprise Queue is a TCP/IP spooler that automates the production of large volume printing, data conversion or distribution tasks. Multiple file queues are managed using a rule based scheduler that processes files according to user defined criteria. For example, files sent to a particular queue are converted to PDF using RedTitan EscapeE and delivered by email.

The system is designed for low impact implementation and can be easily integrated with mainframe, unix, mac or windows host systems.

pcl pad
pcl pad
Spool spool processApply rules rule based conversionConvert spool process printPrint
input process
TCP/IP Connectivity
Networked Automation Spooler Distribute
Rule based conversion
input process
Web publication
spool process web publication
input process
SMTP Email Gateway
SMS Gateway
Watch folderswatch folders Remote Controlremote control

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