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 EscapeE barcode plug-in  
. . . add EAN and UPC barcodes
There is no need to re-engineer host applications if you want to add barcodes. The EscapeE barcode plug-in will work with any print file including PCL, PCL6, and PDF.
  • No programming required
  • Extracts data directly from the page.
  • Writes barcode back to the print file.
  • Any number of pages - Automatic - fast - error free
  • The EscapeE barcode plug-in supports most industry standard barcodes including PDF417 and DataMatrix 2D barcodes.
In this book store stock control label example, the UPC/EAN 13 digit code is converted by the EscapeE plug-in to a barcode.

The numeric version of the barcode is first printed on the label. The print file is then re-processed with RedTitan EscapeE using the barcode plugin to add the barcode graphic. The check digit can calculated automatically by the plugin or supplied by the host application.

Options include OCR coding, margin extent characters and 2 or 5 digit add-ons.

RedTitan support all UPC or EAN technologies and supply all types of barcode fonts.
ean and upc barcode example
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