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0002,0000ULGroup Length
0002,0001OBFile Meta Information Version
0002,0002UIMedia Storage SOP Class UID
0002,0003UIMedia Storage SOP Instance UID
0002,0010UITransfer Syntax UID
0002,0012UIImplementation Class UID
0002,0013SHImplementation Version Name
0002,0016AESource Application Entity Title
0002,0100UIPrivate Information Creator UID
0002,0102OBPrivate Information
0004,0000ULGroup Length
0004,1130CSFile-set ID
0004,1141CSFile-set Descriptor File ID
0004,1142CSSpecific Character Set of File-set Descriptor File
0004,1200ULOffset of the First Directory Record of the Root Directory
0004,1202ULOffset of the Last Directory Record of the Root Directory
0004,1212USFile-set Consistency Flag
0004,1220SQDirectory Record Sequence
0004,1400ULOffset of the Next Directory Record
0004,1410USRecord In-use Flag
0004,1420ULOffset of Referenced Lower-Level Directory Entity
0004,1430CSDirectory Record Type
0004,1432UIPrivate Record UID
0004,1500CSReferenced File ID
0004,1504ULMRDR Directory Record Offset
0004,1510UIReferenced SOP Class UID in File
0004,1511UIReferenced SOP Instance UID in File
0004,1512UIReferenced Transfer Syntax UID in File
0004,151AUIReferenced Related General SOP Class UID in File
0004,1600ULNumber of References
0008,0001ULLength to End
0008,0005CSSpecific Character Set
0008,0008CSImage Type
0008,0010CSRecognition Code
0008,0012DAInstance Creation Date
0008,0013TMInstance Creation Time
0008,0014UIInstance Creator UID
0008,0016UISOP Class UID
0008,0018UISOP Instance UID
0008,001AUIRelated General SOP Class UID
0008,001BUIOriginal Specialized SOP Class UID
0008,0020DAStudy Date
0008,0021DASeries Date
0008,0022DAAcquisition Date
0008,0023DAContent Date
0008,0024DAOverlay Date
0008,0025DACurve Date
0008,002ADTAcquisition Datetime
0008,0030TMStudy Time
0008,0031TMSeries Time
0008,0032TMAcquisition Time
0008,0033TMContent Time
0008,0034TMOverlay Time
0008,0035TMCurve Time
0008,0040USData Set Type
0008,0041LOData Set Subtype
0008,0042CSNuclear Medicine Series Type
0008,0050SHAccession Number
0008,0052CSQuery/Retrieve Level
0008,0054AERetrieve AE Title
0008,0056CSInstance Availability
0008,0058UIFailed SOP Instance UID List
0008,0061CSModalities in Study
0008,0062UISOP Classes in Study
0008,0064CSConversion Type
0008,0068CSPresentation Intent Type
0008,0080LOInstitution Name
0008,0081STInstitution Address
0008,0082SQInstitution Code Sequence
0008,0090PNReferring Physician's Name
0008,0092STReferring Physician's Address
0008,0094SHReferring Physician's Telephone Numbers
0008,0096SQReferring Physician Identification Sequence
0008,0100SHCode Value
0008,0102SHCoding Scheme Designator
0008,0103SHCoding Scheme Version
0008,0104LOCode Meaning
0008,0105CSMapping Resource
0008,0106DTContext Group Version
0008,0107DTContext Group Local Version
0008,010BCSContext Group Extension Flag
0008,010CUICoding Scheme UID
0008,010DUIContext Group Extension Creator UID
0008,010FCSContext Identifier
0008,0110SQCoding Scheme Identification Sequence
0008,0112LOCoding Scheme Registry
0008,0114STCoding Scheme External ID
0008,0115STCoding Scheme Name
0008,0116STResponsible Organization
0008,0201SHTimezone Offset From UTC
0008,1000AENetwork ID
0008,1010SHStation Name
0008,1030LOStudy Description
0008,1032SQProcedure Code Sequence
0008,103ELOSeries Description
0008,1040LOInstitutional Department Name
0008,1048PNPhysician(s) of Record
0008,1049SQPhysician(s) of Record Identification Sequence
0008,1050PNPerforming Physician's Name
0008,1052SQPerforming Physician Identification Sequence
0008,1060PNName of Physician(s) Reading Study
0008,1062SQPhysician(s) Reading Study Identification Sequence
0008,1070PNOperators' Name
0008,1072SQOperator Identification Sequence
0008,1080LOAdmitting Diagnoses Description
0008,1084SQAdmitting Diagnoses Code Sequence
0008,1090LOManufacturer's Model Name
0008,1100SQReferenced Results Sequence
0008,1110SQReferenced Study Sequence
0008,1111SQReferenced Performed Procedure Step Sequence
0008,1115SQReferenced Series Sequence
0008,1120SQReferenced Patient Sequence
0008,1125SQReferenced Visit Sequence
0008,1130SQReferenced Overlay Sequence
0008,113ASQReferenced Waveform Sequence
0008,1140SQReferenced Image Sequence
0008,1145SQReferenced Curve Sequence
0008,114ASQReferenced Instance Sequence
0008,114BSQReferenced Real World Value Mapping Instance
0008,1150UIReferenced SOP Class UID
0008,1155UIReferenced SOP Instance UID
0008,115AUISOP Classes Supported
0008,1160ISReferenced Frame Number
0008,1195UITransaction UID
0008,1197USFailure Reason
0008,1198SQFailed SOP Sequence
0008,1199SQReferenced SOP Sequence
0008,1200SQStudies Containing Other Referenced Instances
0008,1250SQRelated Series Sequence
0008,2110CSLossy Image Compression
0008,2111STDerivation Description
0008,2112SQSource Image Sequence
0008,2120SHStage Name
0008,2122ISStage Number
0008,2124ISNumber of Stages
0008,2127SHView Name
0008,2128ISView Number
0008,2129ISNumber of Event Timers
0008,212AISNumber of Views in Stage
0008,2130DSEvent Elapsed Time(s)
0008,2132LOEvent Timer Name(s)
0008,2142ISStart Trim
0008,2143ISStop Trim
0008,2144ISRecommended Display Frame Rate
0008,2200CSTransducer Position
0008,2204CSTransducer Orientation
0008,2208CSAnatomic Structure
0008,2218SQAnatomic Region Sequence
0008,2220SQAnatomic Region Modifier Sequence
0008,2228SQPrimary Anatomic Structure Sequence
0008,2229SQAnatomic Structure, Space or Region Sequence
0008,2230SQPrimary Anatomic Structure Modifier Sequence
0008,2240SQTransducer Position Sequence
0008,2242SQTransducer Position Modifier Sequence
0008,2244SQTransducer Orientation Sequence
0008,2246SQTransducer Orientation Modifier Sequence
0008,3001SQAlternate Representation Sequence
0008,3010UIIrradiation Event UID
0008,4000LTIdentifying Comments
0008,9007CSFrame Type
0008,9092SQReferenced Image Evidence Sequence
0008,9121SQReferenced Raw Data Sequence
0008,9123UICreator-Version UID
0008,9124SQDerivation Image Sequence
0008,9154SQSource Image Evidence Sequence
0008,9205CSPixel Presentation
0008,9206CSVolumetric Properties
0008,9207CSVolume Based Calculation Technique
0008,9208CSComplex Image Component
0008,9209CSAcquisition Contrast
0008,9215SQDerivation Code Sequence
0008,9237SQReferenced Grayscale Presentation State Sequence
0008,9410SQReferenced Other Plane Sequence
0008,9458SQFrame Display Sequence
0008,9459FLRecommended Display Frame Rate in Float
0008,9460CSSkip Frame Range Flag
0010,0010PNPatient's Name
0010,0020LOPatient ID
0010,0021LOIssuer of Patient ID
0010,0022CSType of Patient ID
0010,0030DAPatient's Birth Date
0010,0032TMPatient's Birth Time
0010,0040CSPatient's Sex
0010,0050SQPatient's Insurance Plan Code Sequence
0010,0101SQPatient's Primary Language Code Sequence
0010,0102SQPatient's Primary Language Code Modifier Sequence
0010,1000LOOther Patient IDs
0010,1001PNOther Patient Names
0010,1002SQOther Patient IDs Sequence
0010,1005PNPatient's Birth Name
0010,1010ASPatient's Age
0010,1020DSPatient's Size
0010,1030DSPatient's Weight
0010,1040LOPatient's Address
0010,1050LOInsurance Plan Identification
0010,1060PNPatient's Mother's Birth Name
0010,1080LOMilitary Rank
0010,1081LOBranch of Service
0010,1090LOMedical Record Locator
0010,2000LOMedical Alerts
0010,2110LOContrast Allergies
0010,2150LOCountry of Residence
0010,2152LORegion of Residence
0010,2154SHPatient's Telephone Numbers
0010,2160SHEthnic Group
0010,21A0CSSmoking Status
0010,21B0LTAdditional Patient History
0010,21C0USPregnancy Status
0010,21D0DALast Menstrual Date
0010,21F0LOPatient's Religious Preference
0010,2201LOPatient Species Description
0010,2202SQPatient Species Code Sequence
0010,2203CSPatient's Sex Neutered
0010,2292LOPatient Breed Description
0010,2293SQPatient Breed Code Sequence
0010,2294SQBreed Registration Sequence
0010,2295LOBreed Registration Number
0010,2296SQBreed Registry Code Sequence
0010,2297PNResponsible Person
0010,2298CSResponsible Person Role
0010,2299LOResponsible Organization
0010,4000LTPatient Comments
0010,9431FLExamined Body Thickness
0012,0010LOClinical Trial Sponsor Name
0012,0020LOClinical Trial Protocol ID
0012,0021LOClinical Trial Protocol Name
0012,0030LOClinical Trial Site ID
0012,0031LOClinical Trial Site Name
0012,0040LOClinical Trial Subject ID
0012,0042LOClinical Trial Subject Reading ID
0012,0050LOClinical Trial Time Point ID
0012,0051STClinical Trial Time Point Description
0012,0060LOClinical Trial Coordinating Center Name
0012,0062CSPatient Identity Removed
0012,0063LODe-identification Method
0012,0064SQDe-identification Method Code Sequence
0018,0010LOContrast/Bolus Agent
0018,0012SQContrast/Bolus Agent Sequence
0018,0014SQContrast/Bolus Administration Route Sequence
0018,0015CSBody Part Examined
0018,0020CSScanning Sequence
0018,0021CSSequence Variant
0018,0022CSScan Options
0018,0023CSMR Acquisition Type
0018,0024SHSequence Name
0018,0025CSAngio Flag
0018,0026SQIntervention Drug Information Sequence
0018,0027TMIntervention Drug Stop Time
0018,0028DSIntervention Drug Dose
0018,0029SQIntervention Drug Sequence
0018,002ASQAdditional Drug Sequence
0018,0032DSEnergy Window Centerline
0018,0033DSEnergy Window Total Width
0018,0034LOIntervention Drug Name
0018,0035TMIntervention Drug Start Time
0018,0036SQIntervention Sequence
0018,0037CSTherapy Type
0018,0038CSIntervention Status
0018,0039CSTherapy Description
0018,003ASTIntervention Description
0018,0040ISCine Rate
0018,0050DSSlice Thickness
0018,0070ISCounts Accumulated
0018,0071CSAcquisition Termination Condition
0018,0072DSEffective Duration
0018,0073CSAcquisition Start Condition
0018,0074ISAcquisition Start Condition Data
0018,0075ISAcquisition Termination Condition Data
0018,0080DSRepetition Time
0018,0081DSEcho Time
0018,0082DSInversion Time
0018,0083DSNumber of Averages
0018,0084DSImaging Frequency
0018,0085SHImaged Nucleus
0018,0086ISEcho Number(s)
0018,0087DSMagnetic Field Strength
0018,0088DSSpacing Between Slices
0018,0089ISNumber of Phase Encoding Steps
0018,0090DSData Collection Diameter
0018,0091ISEcho Train Length
0018,0093DSPercent Sampling
0018,0094DSPercent Phase Field of View
0018,0095DSPixel Bandwidth
0018,1000LODevice Serial Number
0018,1002UIDevice UID
0018,1003LODevice ID
0018,1004LOPlate ID
0018,1005LOGenerator ID
0018,1006LOGrid ID
0018,1007LOCassette ID
0018,1008LOGantry ID
0018,1010LOSecondary Capture Device ID
0018,1011LOHardcopy Creation Device ID
0018,1012DADate of Secondary Capture
0018,1014TMTime of Secondary Capture
0018,1016LOSecondary Capture Device Manufacturer
0018,1017LOHardcopy Device Manufacturer
0018,1018LOSecondary Capture Device Manufacturer's Model Name
0018,1019LOSecondary Capture Device Software Version(s)
0018,101ALOHardcopy Device Software Version
0018,101BLOHardcopy Device Manufacturer's Model Name
0018,1020LOSoftware Version(s)
0018,1022SHVideo Image Format Acquired
0018,1023LODigital Image Format Acquired
0018,1030LOProtocol Name
0018,1040LOContrast/Bolus Route
0018,1041DSContrast/Bolus Volume
0018,1042TMContrast/Bolus Start Time
0018,1043TMContrast/Bolus Stop Time
0018,1044DSContrast/Bolus Total Dose
0018,1045ISSyringe Counts
0018,1046DSContrast Flow Rate
0018,1047DSContrast Flow Duration
0018,1048CSContrast/Bolus Ingredient
0018,1049DSContrast/Bolus Ingredient Concentration
0018,1050DSSpatial Resolution
0018,1060DSTrigger Time
0018,1061LOTrigger Source or Type
0018,1062ISNominal Interval
0018,1063DSFrame Time
0018,1064LOFraming Type
0018,1065DSFrame Time Vector
0018,1066DSFrame Delay
0018,1067DSImage Trigger Delay
0018,1068DSMultiplex Group Time Offset
0018,1069DSTrigger Time Offset
0018,106ACSSynchronization Trigger
0018,106CUSSynchronization Channel
0018,106EULTrigger Sample Position
0018,1070LORadiopharmaceutical Route
0018,1071DSRadiopharmaceutical Volume
0018,1072TMRadiopharmaceutical Start Time
0018,1073TMRadiopharmaceutical Stop Time
0018,1074DSRadionuclide Total Dose
0018,1075DSRadionuclide Half Life
0018,1076DSRadionuclide Positron Fraction
0018,1077DSRadiopharmaceutical Specific Activity
0018,1078DTRadiopharmaceutical Start Datetime
0018,1079DTRadiopharmaceutical Stop Datetime
0018,1080CSBeat Rejection Flag
0018,1081ISLow R-R Value
0018,1082ISHigh R-R Value
0018,1083ISIntervals Acquired
0018,1084ISIntervals Rejected
0018,1085LOPVC Rejection
0018,1086ISSkip Beats
0018,1088ISHeart Rate
0018,1090ISCardiac Number of Images
0018,1094ISTrigger Window
0018,1100DSReconstruction Diameter
0018,1110DSDistance Source to Detector
0018,1111DSDistance Source to Patient
0018,1114DSEstimated Radiographic Magnification Factor
0018,1120DSGantry/Detector Tilt
0018,1121DSGantry/Detector Slew
0018,1130DSTable Height
0018,1131DSTable Traverse
0018,1134CSTable Motion
0018,1135DSTable Vertical Increment
0018,1136DSTable Lateral Increment
0018,1137DSTable Longitudinal Increment
0018,1138DSTable Angle
0018,113ACSTable Type
0018,1140CSRotation Direction
0018,1141DSAngular Position
0018,1142DSRadial Position
0018,1143DSScan Arc
0018,1144DSAngular Step
0018,1145DSCenter of Rotation Offset
0018,1146DSRotation Offset
0018,1147CSField of View Shape
0018,1149ISField of View Dimension(s)
0018,1150ISExposure Time
0018,1151ISX-ray Tube Current
0018,1153ISExposure in uAs
0018,1154DSAverage Pulse Width
0018,1155CSRadiation Setting
0018,1156CSRectification Type
0018,115ACSRadiation Mode
0018,115EDSImage and Fluoroscopy Area Dose Product
0018,1160SHFilter Type
0018,1161LOType of Filters
0018,1162DSIntensifier Size
0018,1164DSImager Pixel Spacing
0018,1170ISGenerator Power
0018,1180SHCollimator/grid Name
0018,1181CSCollimator Type
0018,1182ISFocal Distance
0018,1183DSX Focus Center
0018,1184DSY Focus Center
0018,1190DSFocal Spot(s)
0018,1191CSAnode Target Material
0018,11A0DSBody Part Thickness
0018,11A2DSCompression Force
0018,1200DADate of Last Calibration
0018,1201TMTime of Last Calibration
0018,1210SHConvolution Kernel
0018,1240ISUpper/Lower Pixel Values
0018,1242ISActual Frame Duration
0018,1243ISCount Rate
0018,1244USPreferred Playback Sequencing
0018,1250SHReceive Coil Name
0018,1251SHTransmit Coil Name
0018,1260SHPlate Type
0018,1261LOPhosphor Type
0018,1300DSScan Velocity
0018,1301CSWhole Body Technique
0018,1302ISScan Length
0018,1310USAcquisition Matrix
0018,1312CSIn-plane Phase Encoding Direction
0018,1314DSFlip Angle
0018,1315CSVariable Flip Angle Flag
0018,1400LOAcquisition Device Processing Description
0018,1401LOAcquisition Device Processing Code
0018,1402CSCassette Orientation
0018,1403CSCassette Size
0018,1404USExposures on Plate
0018,1405ISRelative X-ray Exposure
0018,1450DSColumn Angulation
0018,1460DSTomo Layer Height
0018,1470DSTomo Angle
0018,1480DSTomo Time
0018,1490CSTomo Type
0018,1491CSTomo Class
0018,1495ISNumber of Tomosynthesis Source Images
0018,1500CSPositioner Motion
0018,1508CSPositioner Type
0018,1510DSPositioner Primary Angle
0018,1511DSPositioner Secondary Angle
0018,1520DSPositioner Primary Angle Increment
0018,1521DSPositioner Secondary Angle Increment
0018,1530DSDetector Primary Angle
0018,1531DSDetector Secondary Angle
0018,1600CSShutter Shape
0018,1602ISShutter Left Vertical Edge
0018,1604ISShutter Right Vertical Edge
0018,1606ISShutter Upper Horizontal Edge
0018,1608ISShutter Lower Horizontal Edge
0018,1610ISCenter of Circular Shutter
0018,1612ISRadius of Circular Shutter
0018,1620ISVertices of the Polygonal Shutter
0018,1622USShutter Presentation Value
0018,1623USShutter Overlay Group
0018,1624USShutter Presentation Color CIELab Value
0018,1700CSCollimator Shape
0018,1702ISCollimator Left Vertical Edge
0018,1704ISCollimator Right Vertical Edge
0018,1706ISCollimator Upper Horizontal Edge
0018,1708ISCollimator Lower Horizontal Edge
0018,1710ISCenter of Circular Collimator
0018,1712ISRadius of Circular Collimator
0018,1720ISVertices of the Polygonal Collimator
0018,1800CSAcquisition Time Synchronized
0018,1801SHTime Source
0018,1802CSTime Distribution Protocol
0018,1803LONTP Source Address
0018,2001ISPage Number Vector
0018,2002SHFrame Label Vector
0018,2003DSFrame Primary Angle Vector
0018,2004DSFrame Secondary Angle Vector
0018,2005DSSlice Location Vector
0018,2006SHDisplay Window Label Vector
0018,2010DSNominal Scanned Pixel Spacing
0018,2020CSDigitizing Device Transport Direction
0018,2030DSRotation of Scanned Film
0018,3100CSIVUS Acquisition
0018,3101DSIVUS Pullback Rate
0018,3102DSIVUS Gated Rate
0018,3103ISIVUS Pullback Start Frame Number
0018,3104ISIVUS Pullback Stop Frame Number
0018,3105ISLesion Number
0018,4000LTAcquisition Comments
0018,5000SHOutput Power
0018,5010LOTransducer Data
0018,5012DSFocus Depth
0018,5020LOProcessing Function
0018,5021LOPostprocessing Function
0018,5022DSMechanical Index
0018,5024DSBone Thermal Index
0018,5026DSCranial Thermal Index
0018,5027DSSoft Tissue Thermal Index
0018,5028DSSoft Tissue-focus Thermal Index
0018,5029DSSoft Tissue-surface Thermal Index
0018,5030DSDynamic Range
0018,5040DSTotal Gain
0018,5050ISDepth of Scan Field
0018,5100CSPatient Position
0018,5101CSView Position
0018,5104SQProjection Eponymous Name Code Sequence
0018,5210DSImage Transformation Matrix
0018,5212DSImage Translation Vector
0018,6011SQSequence of Ultrasound Regions
0018,6012USRegion Spatial Format
0018,6014USRegion Data Type
0018,6016ULRegion Flags
0018,6018ULRegion Location Min X0
0018,601AULRegion Location Min Y0
0018,601CULRegion Location Max X1
0018,601EULRegion Location Max Y1
0018,6020SLReference Pixel X0
0018,6022SLReference Pixel Y0
0018,6024USPhysical Units X Direction
0018,6026USPhysical Units Y Direction
0018,6028FDReference Pixel Physical Value X
0018,602AFDReference Pixel Physical Value Y
0018,602CFDPhysical Delta X
0018,602EFDPhysical Delta Y
0018,6030ULTransducer Frequency
0018,6031CSTransducer Type
0018,6032ULPulse Repetition Frequency
0018,6034FDDoppler Correction Angle
0018,6036FDSteering Angle
0018,6038ULDoppler Sample Volume X Position
0018,6039SLDoppler Sample Volume X Position
0018,603AULDoppler Sample Volume Y Position
0018,603BSLDoppler Sample Volume Y Position
0018,603CULTM-Line Position X0
0018,603DSLTM-Line Position X0
0018,603EULTM-Line Position Y0
0018,603FSLTM-Line Position Y0
0018,6040ULTM-Line Position X1
0018,6041SLTM-Line Position X1
0018,6042ULTM-Line Position Y1
0018,6043SLTM-Line Position Y1
0018,6044USPixel Component Organization
0018,6046ULPixel Component Mask
0018,6048ULPixel Component Range Start
0018,604AULPixel Component Range Stop
0018,604CUSPixel Component Physical Units
0018,604EUSPixel Component Data Type
0018,6050ULNumber of Table Break Points
0018,6052ULTable of X Break Points
0018,6054FDTable of Y Break Points
0018,6056ULNumber of Table Entries
0018,6058ULTable of Pixel Values
0018,605AFLTable of Parameter Values
0018,6060FLR Wave Time Vector
0018,7000CSDetector Conditions Nominal Flag
0018,7001DSDetector Temperature
0018,7004CSDetector Type
0018,7005CSDetector Configuration
0018,7006LTDetector Description
0018,7008LTDetector Mode
0018,700ASHDetector ID
0018,700CDADate of Last Detector Calibration
0018,700ETMTime of Last Detector Calibration
0018,7010ISExposures on Detector Since Last Calibration
0018,7011ISExposures on Detector Since Manufactured
0018,7012DSDetector Time Since Last Exposure
0018,7014DSDetector Active Time
0018,7016DSDetector Activation Offset From Exposure
0018,701ADSDetector Binning
0018,7020DSDetector Element Physical Size
0018,7022DSDetector Element Spacing
0018,7024CSDetector Active Shape
0018,7026DSDetector Active Dimension(s)
0018,7028DSDetector Active Origin
0018,702ALODetector Manufacturer Name
0018,702BLODetector Manufacturer's Model Name
0018,7030DSField of View Origin
0018,7032DSField of View Rotation
0018,7034CSField of View Horizontal Flip
0018,7040LTGrid Absorbing Material
0018,7041LTGrid Spacing Material
0018,7042DSGrid Thickness
0018,7044DSGrid Pitch
0018,7046ISGrid Aspect Ratio
0018,7048DSGrid Period
0018,704CDSGrid Focal Distance
0018,7050CSFilter Material
0018,7052DSFilter Thickness Minimum
0018,7054DSFilter Thickness Maximum
0018,7060CSExposure Control Mode
0018,7062LTExposure Control Mode Description
0018,7064CSExposure Status
0018,7065DSPhototimer Setting
0018,8150DSExposure Time in S
0018,8151DSX-Ray Tube Current in A
0018,9004CSContent Qualification
0018,9005SHPulse Sequence Name
0018,9006SQMR Imaging Modifier Sequence
0018,9008CSEcho Pulse Sequence
0018,9009CSInversion Recovery
0018,9010CSFlow Compensation
0018,9011CSMultiple Spin Echo
0018,9012CSMulti-planar Excitation
0018,9014CSPhase Contrast
0018,9015CSTime of Flight Contrast
0018,9017CSSteady State Pulse Sequence
0018,9018CSEcho Planar Pulse Sequence
0018,9019FDTag Angle First Axis
0018,9020CSMagnetization Transfer
0018,9021CST2 Preparation
0018,9022CSBlood Signal Nulling
0018,9024CSSaturation Recovery
0018,9025CSSpectrally Selected Suppression
0018,9026CSSpectrally Selected Excitation
0018,9027CSSpatial Pre-saturation
0018,9029CSOversampling Phase
0018,9030FDTag Spacing First Dimension
0018,9032CSGeometry of k-Space Traversal
0018,9033CSSegmented k-Space Traversal
0018,9034CSRectilinear Phase Encode Reordering
0018,9035FDTag Thickness
0018,9036CSPartial Fourier Direction
0018,9037CSCardiac Synchronization Technique
0018,9041LOReceive Coil Manufacturer Name
0018,9042SQMR Receive Coil Sequence
0018,9043CSReceive Coil Type
0018,9044CSQuadrature Receive Coil
0018,9045SQMulti-Coil Definition Sequence
0018,9046LOMulti-Coil Configuration
0018,9047SHMulti-Coil Element Name
0018,9048CSMulti-Coil Element Used
0018,9049SQMR Transmit Coil Sequence
0018,9050LOTransmit Coil Manufacturer Name
0018,9051CSTransmit Coil Type
0018,9052FDSpectral Width
0018,9053FDChemical Shift Reference
0018,9054CSVolume Localization Technique
0018,9058USMR Acquisition Frequency Encoding Steps
0018,9060CSDe-coupled Nucleus
0018,9061FDDe-coupling Frequency
0018,9062CSDe-coupling Method
0018,9063FDDe-coupling Chemical Shift Reference
0018,9064CSk-space Filtering
0018,9065CSTime Domain Filtering
0018,9066USNumber of Zero fills
0018,9067CSBaseline Correction
0018,9069FDParallel Reduction Factor In-plane
0018,9070FDCardiac R-R Interval Specified
0018,9073FDAcquisition Duration
0018,9074DTFrame Acquisition Datetime
0018,9075CSDiffusion Directionality
0018,9076SQDiffusion Gradient Direction Sequence
0018,9077CSParallel Acquisition
0018,9078CSParallel Acquisition Technique
0018,9079FDInversion Times
0018,9080STMetabolite Map Description
0018,9081CSPartial Fourier
0018,9082FDEffective Echo Time
0018,9083SQMetabolite Map Code Sequence
0018,9084SQChemical Shift Sequence
0018,9085CSCardiac Signal Source
0018,9087FDDiffusion b-value
0018,9089FDDiffusion Gradient Orientation
0018,9090FDVelocity Encoding Direction
0018,9091FDVelocity Encoding Minimum Value
0018,9093USNumber of k-Space Trajectories
0018,9094CSCoverage of k-Space
0018,9095ULSpectroscopy Acquisition Phase Rows
0018,9098FDTransmitter Frequency
0018,9100CSResonant Nucleus
0018,9101CSFrequency Correction
0018,9103SQMR Spectroscopy FOV/Geometry Sequence
0018,9104FDSlab Thickness
0018,9105FDSlab Orientation
0018,9106FDMid Slab Position
0018,9107SQMR Spatial Saturation Sequence
0018,9112SQMR Timing and Related Parameters Sequence
0018,9114SQMR Echo Sequence
0018,9115SQMR Modifier Sequence
0018,9117SQMR Diffusion Sequence
0018,9118SQCardiac Trigger Sequence
0018,9119SQMR Averages Sequence
0018,9125SQMR FOV/Geometry Sequence
0018,9126SQVolume Localization Sequence
0018,9127ULSpectroscopy Acquisition Data Columns
0018,9147CSDiffusion Anisotropy Type
0018,9151DTFrame Reference Datetime
0018,9152SQMR Metabolite Map Sequence
0018,9155FDParallel Reduction Factor out-of-plane
0018,9159ULSpectroscopy Acquisition Out-of-plane Phase Steps
0018,9166CSBulk Motion Status
0018,9168FDParallel Reduction Factor Second In-plane
0018,9169CSCardiac Beat Rejection Technique
0018,9170CSRespiratory Motion Compensation Technique
0018,9171CSRespiratory Signal Source
0018,9172CSBulk Motion Compensation Technique
0018,9173CSBulk Motion Signal Source
0018,9174CSApplicable Safety Standard Agency
0018,9175LOApplicable Safety Standard Description
0018,9176SQOperating Mode Sequence
0018,9177CSOperating Mode Type
0018,9178CSOperating Mode
0018,9179CSSpecific Absorption Rate Definition
0018,9180CSGradient Output Type
0018,9181FDSpecific Absorption Rate Value
0018,9182FDGradient Output
0018,9183CSFlow Compensation Direction
0018,9184FDTagging Delay
0018,9185STRespiratory Motion Compensation Technique
0018,9186SHRespiratory Signal Source ID
0018,9195FDChemical Shifts Minimum Integration Limit in Hz
0018,9196FDChemical Shifts Maximum Integration Limit in Hz
0018,9197SQMR Velocity Encoding Sequence
0018,9198CSFirst Order Phase Correction
0018,9199CSWater Referenced Phase Correction
0018,9200CSMR Spectroscopy Acquisition Type
0018,9214CSRespiratory Cycle Position
0018,9217FDVelocity Encoding Maximum Value
0018,9218FDTag Spacing Second Dimension
0018,9219SSTag Angle Second Axis
0018,9220FDFrame Acquisition Duration
0018,9226SQMR Image Frame Type Sequence
0018,9227SQMR Spectroscopy Frame Type Sequence
0018,9231USMR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps in-plane
0018,9232USMR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps out-of-plane
0018,9234ULSpectroscopy Acquisition Phase Columns
0018,9236CSCardiac Cycle Position
0018,9239SQSpecific Absorption Rate Sequence
0018,9240USRF Echo Train Length
0018,9241USGradient Echo Train Length
0018,9295FDChemical Shifts Minimum Integration Limit in ppm
0018,9296FDChemical Shifts Maximum Integration Limit in ppm
0018,9301SQCT Acquisition Type Sequence
0018,9302CSAcquisition Type
0018,9303FDTube Angle
0018,9304SQCT Acquisition Details Sequence
0018,9305FDRevolution Time
0018,9306FDSingle Collimation Width
0018,9307FDTotal Collimation Width
0018,9308SQCT Table Dynamics Sequence
0018,9309FDTable Speed
0018,9310FDTable Feed per Rotation
0018,9311FDSpiral Pitch Factor
0018,9312SQCT Geometry Sequence
0018,9313FDData Collection Center (Patient)
0018,9314SQCT Reconstruction Sequence
0018,9315CSReconstruction Algorithm
0018,9316CSConvolution Kernel Group
0018,9317FDReconstruction Field of View
0018,9318FDReconstruction Target Center (Patient)
0018,9319FDReconstruction Angle
0018,9320SHImage Filter
0018,9321SQCT Exposure Sequence
0018,9322FDReconstruction Pixel Spacing
0018,9323CSExposure Modulation Type
0018,9324FDEstimated Dose Saving
0018,9325SQCT X-ray Details Sequence
0018,9326SQCT Position Sequence
0018,9327FDTable Position
0018,9328FDExposure Time in ms
0018,9329SQCT Image Frame Type Sequence
0018,9330FDX-Ray Tube Current in mA
0018,9332FDExposure in mAs
0018,9333CSConstant Volume Flag
0018,9334CSFluoroscopy Flag
0018,9335FDDistance Source to Data Collection Center
0018,9337USContrast/Bolus Agent Number
0018,9338SQContrast/Bolus Ingredient Code Sequence
0018,9340SQContrast Administration Profile Sequence
0018,9341SQContrast/Bolus Usage Sequence
0018,9342CSContrast/Bolus Agent Administered
0018,9343CSContrast/Bolus Agent Detected
0018,9344CSContrast/Bolus Agent Phase
0018,9401SQProjection Pixel Calibration Sequence
0018,9402FLDistance Source to Isocenter
0018,9403FLDistance Object to Table Top
0018,9404FLObject Pixel Spacing in Center of Beam
0018,9405SQPositioner Position Sequence
0018,9406SQTable Position Sequence
0018,9407SQCollimator Shape Sequence
0018,9412SQXA/XRF Frame Characteristics Sequence
0018,9417SQFrame Acquisition Sequence
0018,9420CSX-Ray Receptor Type
0018,9423LOAcquisition Protocol Name
0018,9424LTAcquisition Protocol Description
0018,9425CSContrast/Bolus Ingredient Opaque
0018,9426FLDistance Receptor Plane to Detector Housing
0018,9427CSIntensifier Active Shape
0018,9428FLIntensifier Active Dimension(s)
0018,9429FLPhysical Detector Size
0018,9430USPosition of Isocenter Projection
0018,9432SQField of View Sequence
0018,9433LOField of View Description
0018,9434SQExposure Control Sensing Regions Sequence
0018,9435CSExposure Control Sensing Region Shape
0018,9436SSExposure Control Sensing Region Left Vertical Edge
0018,9437SSExposure Control Sensing Region Right Vertical Edge
0018,9438SSExposure Control Sensing Region Upper Horizontal
0018,9439SSExposure Control Sensing Region Lower Horizontal
0018,9440SSCenter of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
0018,9441USRadius of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
0018,9442SSVertices of the Polygonal Exposure Control Sensing
0018,9447FLColumn Angulation (Patient)
0018,9449FLBeam Angle
0018,9451SQFrame Detector Parameters Sequence
0018,9452FLCalculated Anatomy Thickness
0018,9455SQCalibration Sequence
0018,9456SQObject Thickness Sequence
0018,9457CSPlane Identification
0018,9461FLField of View Dimension(s) in Float
0018,9462SQIsocenter Reference System Sequence
0018,9463FLPositioner Isocenter Primary Angle
0018,9464FLPositioner Isocenter Secondary Angle
0018,9465FLPositioner Isocenter Detector Rotation Angle
0018,9466FLTable X Position to Isocenter
0018,9467FLTable Y Position to Isocenter
0018,9468FLTable Z Position to Isocenter
0018,9469FLTable Horizontal Rotation Angle
0018,9470FLTable Head Tilt Angle
0018,9471FLTable Cradle Tilt Angle
0018,9472SQFrame Display Shutter Sequence
0018,9473FLAcquired Image Area Dose Product
0018,9474CSC-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship
0018,9476SQX-Ray Geometry Sequence
0018,9477SQIrradiation Event Identification Sequence
0018,A001SQContributing Equipment Sequence
0018,A002DTContribution Date Time
0018,A003STContribution Description
0020,000DUIStudy Instance UID
0020,000EUISeries Instance UID
0020,0010SHStudy ID
0020,0011ISSeries Number
0020,0012ISAcquisition Number
0020,0013ISInstance Number
0020,0014ISIsotope Number
0020,0015ISPhase Number
0020,0016ISInterval Number
0020,0017ISTime Slot Number
0020,0018ISAngle Number
0020,0019ISItem Number
0020,0020CSPatient Orientation
0020,0022ISOverlay Number
0020,0024ISCurve Number
0020,0026ISLookup Table Number
0020,0030DSImage Position
0020,0032DSImage Position (Patient)
0020,0035DSImage Orientation
0020,0037DSImage Orientation (Patient)
0020,0052UIFrame of Reference UID
0020,0062CSImage Laterality
0020,0070LOImage Geometry Type
0020,0080CSMasking Image
0020,0100ISTemporal Position Identifier
0020,0105ISNumber of Temporal Positions
0020,0110DSTemporal Resolution
0020,0200UISynchronization Frame of Reference UID
0020,1000ISSeries in Study
0020,1001ISAcquisitions in Series
0020,1002ISImages in Acquisition
0020,1003ISImages in Series
0020,1004ISAcquisitions in Study
0020,1005ISImages in Study
0020,1040LOPosition Reference Indicator
0020,1041DSSlice Location
0020,1070ISOther Study Numbers
0020,1200ISNumber of Patient Related Studies
0020,1202ISNumber of Patient Related Series
0020,1204ISNumber of Patient Related Instances
0020,1206ISNumber of Study Related Series
0020,1208ISNumber of Study Related Instances
0020,1209ISNumber of Series Related Instances
0020,3401CSModifying Device ID
0020,3402CSModified Image ID
0020,3403DAModified Image Date
0020,3404LOModifying Device Manufacturer
0020,3405TMModified Image Time
0020,3406LOModified Image Description
0020,4000LTImage Comments
0020,5000ATOriginal Image Identification
0020,5002CSOriginal Image Identification Nomenclature
0020,9056SHStack ID
0020,9057ULIn-Stack Position Number
0020,9071SQFrame Anatomy Sequence
0020,9072CSFrame Laterality
0020,9111SQFrame Content Sequence
0020,9113SQPlane Position Sequence
0020,9116SQPlane Orientation Sequence
0020,9128ULTemporal Position Index
0020,9153FDCardiac Trigger Delay Time
0020,9156USFrame Acquisition Number
0020,9157ULDimension Index Values
0020,9158LTFrame Comments
0020,9161UIConcatenation UID
0020,9162USIn-concatenation Number
0020,9163USIn-concatenation Total Number
0020,9164UIDimension Organization UID
0020,9165ATDimension Index Pointer
0020,9167ATFunctional Group Pointer
0020,9213LODimension Index Private Creator
0020,9221SQDimension Organization Sequence
0020,9222SQDimension Index Sequence
0020,9228ULConcatenation Frame Offset Number
0020,9238LOFunctional Group Private Creator
0020,9251FDR R Interval Time Measured
0020,9253SQRespiratory Trigger Sequence
0020,9254FDRespiratory Interval Time
0020,9255FDRespiratory Trigger Delay Time
0020,9256FDRespiratory Trigger Delay Threshold
0020,9421LODimension Description Label
0020,9450SQPatient Orientation in Frame Sequence
0020,9453LOFrame Label
0022,0001USLight Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
0022,0002USLight Path Filter Pass Band
0022,0003USImage Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
0022,0004USImage Path Filter Pass Band
0022,0005CSPatient Eye Movement Commanded
0022,0006SQPatient Eye Movement Command Code Sequence
0022,0007FLSpherical Lens Power
0022,0008FLCylinder Lens Power
0022,0009FLCylinder Axis
0022,000AFLEmmetropic Magnification
0022,000BFLIntra Ocular Pressure
0022,000CFLHorizontal Field of View
0022,000DCSPupil Dilated
0022,000EFLDegree of Dilation
0022,0010FLStereo Baseline Angle
0022,0011FLStereo Baseline Displacement
0022,0012FLStereo Horizontal Pixel Offset
0022,0013FLStereo Vertical Pixel Offset
0022,0014FLStereo Rotation
0022,0015SQAcquisition Device Type Code Sequence
0022,0016SQIllumination Type Code Sequence
0022,0017SQLight Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
0022,0018SQImage Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
0022,0019SQLenses Code Sequence
0022,001ASQChannel Description Code Sequence
0022,001BSQRefractive State Sequence
0022,001CSQMydriatic Agent Code Sequence
0022,001DSQRelative Image Position Code Sequence
0022,0020SQStereo Pairs Sequence
0022,0021SQLeft Image Sequence
0022,0022SQRight Image Sequence
0028,0002USSamples per Pixel
0028,0003USSamples per Pixel Used
0028,0004CSPhotometric Interpretation
0028,0005USImage Dimensions
0028,0006USPlanar Configuration
0028,0008ISNumber of Frames
0028,0009ATFrame Increment Pointer
0028,000AATFrame Dimension Pointer
0028,0014USUltrasound Color Data Present
0028,0030DSPixel Spacing
0028,0031DSZoom Factor
0028,0032DSZoom Center
0028,0034ISPixel Aspect Ratio
0028,0040CSImage Format
0028,0050LOManipulated Image
0028,0051CSCorrected Image
0028,0060CSCompression Code
0028,0100USBits Allocated
0028,0101USBits Stored
0028,0102USHigh Bit
0028,0103USPixel Representation
0028,0104SSSmallest Valid Pixel Value
0028,0105SSLargest Valid Pixel Value
0028,0106SSSmallest Image Pixel Value
0028,0107SSLargest Image Pixel Value
0028,0108SSSmallest Pixel Value in Series
0028,0109SSLargest Pixel Value in Series
0028,0110SSSmallest Image Pixel Value in Plane
0028,0111SSLargest Image Pixel Value in Plane
0028,0120SSPixel Padding Value
0028,0200USImage Location
0028,0300CSQuality Control Image
0028,0301CSBurned In Annotation
0028,0402CSPixel Spacing Calibration Type
0028,0404LOPixel Spacing Calibration Description
0028,1040CSPixel Intensity Relationship
0028,1041SSPixel Intensity Relationship Sign
0028,1050DSWindow Center
0028,1051DSWindow Width
0028,1052DSRescale Intercept
0028,1053DSRescale Slope
0028,1054LORescale Type
0028,1055LOWindow Center & Width Explanation
0028,1056CSVOI LUT Function
0028,1080CSGray Scale
0028,1090CSRecommended Viewing Mode
0028,1100SSGray Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1101SSRed Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1102SSGreen Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1103SSBlue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1199UIPalette Color Lookup Table UID
0028,1200SSGray Lookup Table Data
0028,1201OWRed Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1202OWGreen Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1203OWBlue Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1221OWSegmented Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1222OWSegmented Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1223OWSegmented Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1300CSImplant Present
0028,1350CSPartial View
0028,1351STPartial View Description
0028,1352SQPartial View Code Sequence
0028,135ACSSpatial Locations Preserved
0028,2000OBICC Profile
0028,2110CSLossy Image Compression
0028,2112DSLossy Image Compression Ratio
0028,2114CSLossy Image Compression Method
0028,3000SQModality LUT Sequence
0028,3002SSLUT Descriptor
0028,3003LOLUT Explanation
0028,3004LOModality LUT Type
0028,3006SSLUT Data
0028,3010SQVOI LUT Sequence
0028,3110SQSoftcopy VOI LUT Sequence
0028,4000LTImage Presentation Comments
0028,5000SQBi-Plane Acquisition Sequence
0028,6010USRepresentative Frame Number
0028,6020USFrame Numbers of Interest (FOI)
0028,6022LOFrame(s) of Interest Description
0028,6023CSFrame of Interest Type
0028,6030USMask Pointer(s)
0028,6040USR Wave Pointer
0028,6100SQMask Subtraction Sequence
0028,6101CSMask Operation
0028,6102USApplicable Frame Range
0028,6110USMask Frame Numbers
0028,6112USContrast Frame Averaging
0028,6114FLMask Sub-pixel Shift
0028,6120SSTID Offset
0028,6190STMask Operation Explanation
0028,7FE0UTPixel Data Provider URL
0028,9001ULData Point Rows
0028,9002ULData Point Columns
0028,9003CSSignal Domain Columns
0028,9099USLargest Monochrome Pixel Value
0028,9108CSData Representation
0028,9110SQPixel Measures Sequence
0028,9132SQFrame VOI LUT Sequence
0028,9145SQPixel Value Transformation Sequence
0028,9235CSSignal Domain Rows
0028,9411FLDisplay Filter Percentage
0028,9415SQFrame Pixel Shift Sequence
0028,9416USSubtraction Item ID
0028,9422SQPixel Intensity Relationship LUT Sequence
0028,9443SQFrame Pixel Data Properties Sequence
0028,9444CSGeometrical Properties
0028,9445FLGeometric Maximum Distortion
0028,9446CSImage Processing Applied
0028,9454CSMask Selection Mode
0028,9474CSLUT Function
0032,000ACSStudy Status ID
0032,000CCSStudy Priority ID
0032,0012LOStudy ID Issuer
0032,0032DAStudy Verified Date
0032,0033TMStudy Verified Time
0032,0034DAStudy Read Date
0032,0035TMStudy Read Time
0032,1000DAScheduled Study Start Date
0032,1001TMScheduled Study Start Time
0032,1010DAScheduled Study Stop Date
0032,1011TMScheduled Study Stop Time
0032,1020LOScheduled Study Location
0032,1021AEScheduled Study Location AE Title
0032,1030LOReason for Study
0032,1031SQRequesting Physician Identification Sequence
0032,1032PNRequesting Physician
0032,1033LORequesting Service
0032,1040DAStudy Arrival Date
0032,1041TMStudy Arrival Time
0032,1050DAStudy Completion Date
0032,1051TMStudy Completion Time
0032,1055CSStudy Component Status ID
0032,1060LORequested Procedure Description
0032,1064SQRequested Procedure Code Sequence
0032,1070LORequested Contrast Agent
0032,4000LTStudy Comments
0038,0004SQReferenced Patient Alias Sequence
0038,0008CSVisit Status ID
0038,0010LOAdmission ID
0038,0011LOIssuer of Admission ID
0038,0016LORoute of Admissions
0038,001ADAScheduled Admission Date
0038,001BTMScheduled Admission Time
0038,001CDAScheduled Discharge Date
0038,001DTMScheduled Discharge Time
0038,001ELOScheduled Patient Institution Residence
0038,0020DAAdmitting Date
0038,0021TMAdmitting Time
0038,0030DADischarge Date
0038,0032TMDischarge Time
0038,0040LODischarge Diagnosis Description
0038,0044SQDischarge Diagnosis Code Sequence
0038,0050LOSpecial Needs
0038,0100SQPertinent Documents Sequence
0038,0300LOCurrent Patient Location
0038,0400LOPatient's Institution Residence
0038,0500LOPatient State
0038,0502SQPatient Clinical Trial Participation Sequence
0038,4000LTVisit Comments
003A,0004CSWaveform Originality
003A,0005USNumber of Waveform Channels
003A,0010ULNumber of Waveform Samples
003A,001ADSSampling Frequency
003A,0020SHMultiplex Group Label
003A,0200SQChannel Definition Sequence
003A,0202ISWaveform Channel Number
003A,0203SHChannel Label
003A,0205CSChannel Status
003A,0208SQChannel Source Sequence
003A,0209SQChannel Source Modifiers Sequence
003A,020ASQSource Waveform Sequence
003A,020CLOChannel Derivation Description
003A,0210DSChannel Sensitivity
003A,0211SQChannel Sensitivity Units Sequence
003A,0212DSChannel Sensitivity Correction Factor
003A,0213DSChannel Baseline
003A,0214DSChannel Time Skew
003A,0215DSChannel Sample Skew
003A,0218DSChannel Offset
003A,021AUSWaveform Bits Stored
003A,0220DSFilter Low Frequency
003A,0221DSFilter High Frequency
003A,0222DSNotch Filter Frequency
003A,0223DSNotch Filter Bandwidth
003A,0300SQMultiplexed Audio Channels Description Code Sequence
003A,0301ISChannel Identification Code
003A,0302CSChannel Mode
0040,0001AEScheduled Station AE Title
0040,0002DAScheduled Procedure Step Start Date
0040,0003TMScheduled Procedure Step Start Time
0040,0004DAScheduled Procedure Step End Date
0040,0005TMScheduled Procedure Step End Time
0040,0006PNScheduled Performing Physician's Name
0040,0007LOScheduled Procedure Step Description
0040,0008SQScheduled Protocol Code Sequence
0040,0009SHScheduled Procedure Step ID
0040,000ASQStage Code Sequence
0040,000BSQScheduled Performing Physician Identification Sequence
0040,0010SHScheduled Station Name
0040,0011SHScheduled Procedure Step Location
0040,0020CSScheduled Procedure Step Status
0040,0100SQScheduled Procedure Step Sequence
0040,0220SQReferenced Non-Image Composite SOP Instance
0040,0241AEPerformed Station AE Title
0040,0242SHPerformed Station Name
0040,0243SHPerformed Location
0040,0244DAPerformed Procedure Step Start Date
0040,0245TMPerformed Procedure Step Start Time
0040,0250DAPerformed Procedure Step End Date
0040,0251TMPerformed Procedure Step End Time
0040,0252CSPerformed Procedure Step Status
0040,0253SHPerformed Procedure Step ID
0040,0254LOPerformed Procedure Step Description
0040,0255LOPerformed Procedure Type Description
0040,0260SQPerformed Protocol Code Sequence
0040,0270SQScheduled Step Attributes Sequence
0040,0275SQRequest Attributes Sequence
0040,0280STComments on the Performed Procedure Step
0040,0281SQPerformed Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code
0040,0293SQQuantity Sequence
0040,0295SQMeasuring Units Sequence
0040,0296SQBilling Item Sequence
0040,0300USTotal Time of Fluoroscopy
0040,0301USTotal Number of Exposures
0040,0302USEntrance Dose
0040,0303USExposed Area
0040,0306DSDistance Source to Entrance
0040,0307DSDistance Source to Support
0040,030ESQExposure Dose Sequence
0040,0310STComments on Radiation Dose
0040,0312DSX-Ray Output
0040,0314DSHalf Value Layer
0040,0316DSOrgan Dose
0040,0318CSOrgan Exposed
0040,0320SQBilling Procedure Step Sequence
0040,0321SQFilm Consumption Sequence
0040,0324SQBilling Supplies and Devices Sequence
0040,0330SQReferenced Procedure Step Sequence
0040,0340SQPerformed Series Sequence
0040,0400LTComments on the Scheduled Procedure Step
0040,0440SQProtocol Context Sequence
0040,0441SQContent Item Modifier Sequence
0040,050ALOSpecimen Accession Number
0040,0550SQSpecimen Sequence
0040,0551LOSpecimen Identifier
0040,0555SQAcquisition Context Sequence
0040,0556STAcquisition Context Description
0040,059ASQSpecimen Type Code Sequence
0040,06FALOSlide Identifier
0040,071ASQImage Center Point Coordinates Sequence
0040,072ADSX offset in Slide Coordinate System
0040,073ADSY offset in Slide Coordinate System
0040,074ADSZ offset in Slide Coordinate System
0040,08D8SQPixel Spacing Sequence
0040,08DASQCoordinate System Axis Code Sequence
0040,08EASQMeasurement Units Code Sequence
0040,1001SHRequested Procedure ID
0040,1002LOReason for the Requested Procedure
0040,1003SHRequested Procedure Priority
0040,1004LOPatient Transport Arrangements
0040,1005LORequested Procedure Location
0040,1006SHPlacer Order Number / Procedure
0040,1007SHFiller Order Number / Procedure
0040,1008LOConfidentiality Code
0040,1009SHReporting Priority
0040,100ASQReason for Requested Procedure Code Sequence
0040,1010PNNames of Intended Recipients of Results
0040,1011SQIntended Recipients of Results Identification Sequence
0040,1101SQPerson Identification Code Sequence
0040,1102STPerson's Address
0040,1103LOPerson's Telephone Numbers
0040,1400LTRequested Procedure Comments
0040,2001LOReason for the Imaging Service Request
0040,2004DAIssue Date of Imaging Service Request
0040,2005TMIssue Time of Imaging Service Request
0040,2006SHPlacer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2007SHFiller Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2008PNOrder Entered By
0040,2009SHOrder Enterer's Location
0040,2010SHOrder Callback Phone Number
0040,2016LOPlacer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2017LOFiller Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2400LTImaging Service Request Comments
0040,3001LOConfidentiality Constraint on Patient Data Description
0040,4001CSGeneral Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Status
0040,4002CSGeneral Purpose Performed Procedure Step Status
0040,4003CSGeneral Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Priority
0040,4004SQScheduled Processing Applications Code Sequence
0040,4005DTScheduled Procedure Step Start Date and Time
0040,4006CSMultiple Copies Flag
0040,4007SQPerformed Processing Applications Code Sequence
0040,4009SQHuman Performer Code Sequence
0040,4010DTScheduled Procedure Step Modification Date and Time
0040,4011DTExpected Completion Date and Time
0040,4015SQResulting General Purpose Performed Procedure Steps
0040,4016SQReferenced General Purpose Scheduled Procedure
0040,4018SQScheduled Workitem Code Sequence
0040,4019SQPerformed Workitem Code Sequence
0040,4020CSInput Availability Flag
0040,4021SQInput Information Sequence
0040,4022SQRelevant Information Sequence
0040,4023UIReferenced General Purpose Scheduled Procedure
0040,4025SQScheduled Station Name Code Sequence
0040,4026SQScheduled Station Class Code Sequence
0040,4027SQScheduled Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
0040,4028SQPerformed Station Name Code Sequence
0040,4029SQPerformed Station Class Code Sequence
0040,4030SQPerformed Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
0040,4031SQRequested Subsequent Workitem Code Sequence
0040,4032SQNon-DICOM Output Code Sequence
0040,4033SQOutput Information Sequence
0040,4034SQScheduled Human Performers Sequence
0040,4035SQActual Human Performers Sequence
0040,4036LOHuman Performer's Organization
0040,4037PNHuman Performer's Name
0040,8302DSEntrance Dose in mGy
0040,9094SQReferenced Image Real World Value Mapping Sequence
0040,9096SQReal World Value Mapping Sequence
0040,9098SQPixel Value Mapping Code Sequence
0040,9210SHLUT Label
0040,9211SSReal World Value Last Value Mapped
0040,9212FDReal World Value LUT Data
0040,9216SSReal World Value First Value Mapped
0040,9224FDReal World Value Intercept
0040,9225FDReal World Value Slope
0040,A010CSRelationship Type
0040,A027LOVerifying Organization
0040,A030DTVerification Date Time
0040,A032DTObservation Date Time
0040,A040CSValue Type
0040,A043SQConcept Name Code Sequence
0040,A050CSContinuity Of Content
0040,A073SQVerifying Observer Sequence
0040,A075PNVerifying Observer Name
0040,A078SQAuthor Observer Sequence
0040,A07ASQParticipant Sequence
0040,A07CSQCustodial Organization Sequence
0040,A080CSParticipation Type
0040,A082DTParticipation Datetime
0040,A084CSObserver Type
0040,A088SQVerifying Observer Identification Code Sequence
0040,A090SQEquivalent CDA Document Sequence
0040,A0B0USReferenced Waveform Channels
0040,A123PNPerson Name
0040,A130CSTemporal Range Type
0040,A132ULReferenced Sample Positions
0040,A136USReferenced Frame Numbers
0040,A138DSReferenced Time Offsets
0040,A13ADTReferenced Datetime
0040,A160UTText Value
0040,A168SQConcept Code Sequence
0040,A170SQPurpose of Reference Code Sequence
0040,A180USAnnotation Group Number
0040,A195SQModifier Code Sequence
0040,A300SQMeasured Value Sequence
0040,A301SQNumeric Value Qualifier Code Sequence
0040,A30ADSNumeric Value
0040,A360SQPredecessor Documents Sequence
0040,A370SQReferenced Request Sequence
0040,A372SQPerformed Procedure Code Sequence
0040,A375SQCurrent Requested Procedure Evidence Sequence
0040,A385SQPertinent Other Evidence Sequence
0040,A390SQHL7 Structured Document Reference Sequence
0040,A491CSCompletion Flag
0040,A492LOCompletion Flag Description
0040,A493CSVerification Flag
0040,A504SQContent Template Sequence
0040,A525SQIdentical Documents Sequence
0040,A730SQContent Sequence
0040,B020SQAnnotation Sequence
0040,DB00CSTemplate Identifier
0040,DB06DTTemplate Version
0040,DB07DTTemplate Local Version
0040,DB0BCSTemplate Extension Flag
0040,DB0CUITemplate Extension Organization UID
0040,DB0DUITemplate Extension Creator UID
0040,DB73ULReferenced Content Item Identifier
0040,E001STHL7 Instance Identifier
0040,E004DTHL7 Document Effective Time
0040,E006SQHL7 Document Type Code Sequence
0040,E010UTRetrieve URI
0042,0010STDocument Title
0042,0011OBEncapsulated Document
0042,0012LOMIME Type of Encapsulated Document
0042,0013SQSource Instance Sequence
0050,0004CSCalibration Image
0050,0010SQDevice Sequence
0050,0014DSDevice Length
0050,0016DSDevice Diameter
0050,0017CSDevice Diameter Units
0050,0018DSDevice Volume
0050,0019DSIntermarker Distance
0050,0020LODevice Description
0054,0010USEnergy Window Vector
0054,0011USNumber of Energy Windows
0054,0012SQEnergy Window Information Sequence
0054,0013SQEnergy Window Range Sequence
0054,0014DSEnergy Window Lower Limit
0054,0015DSEnergy Window Upper Limit
0054,0016SQRadiopharmaceutical Information Sequence
0054,0017ISResidual Syringe Counts
0054,0018SHEnergy Window Name
0054,0020USDetector Vector
0054,0021USNumber of Detectors
0054,0022SQDetector Information Sequence
0054,0030USPhase Vector
0054,0031USNumber of Phases
0054,0032SQPhase Information Sequence
0054,0033USNumber of Frames in Phase
0054,0036ISPhase Delay
0054,0038ISPause Between Frames
0054,0039CSPhase Description
0054,0050USRotation Vector
0054,0051USNumber of Rotations
0054,0052SQRotation Information Sequence
0054,0053USNumber of Frames in Rotation
0054,0060USR-R Interval Vector
0054,0061USNumber of R-R Intervals
0054,0062SQGated Information Sequence
0054,0063SQData Information Sequence
0054,0070USTime Slot Vector
0054,0071USNumber of Time Slots
0054,0072SQTime Slot Information Sequence
0054,0073DSTime Slot Time
0054,0080USSlice Vector
0054,0081USNumber of Slices
0054,0090USAngular View Vector
0054,0100USTime Slice Vector
0054,0101USNumber of Time Slices
0054,0200DSStart Angle
0054,0202CSType of Detector Motion
0054,0210ISTrigger Vector
0054,0211USNumber of Triggers in Phase
0054,0220SQView Code Sequence
0054,0222SQView Modifier Code Sequence
0054,0300SQRadionuclide Code Sequence
0054,0302SQAdministration Route Code Sequence
0054,0304SQRadiopharmaceutical Code Sequence
0054,0306SQCalibration Data Sequence
0054,0308USEnergy Window Number
0054,0400SHImage ID
0054,0410SQPatient Orientation Code Sequence
0054,0412SQPatient Orientation Modifier Code Sequence
0054,0414SQPatient Gantry Relationship Code Sequence
0054,0500CSSlice Progression Direction
0054,1000CSSeries Type
0054,1002CSCounts Source
0054,1004CSReprojection Method
0054,1100CSRandoms Correction Method
0054,1101LOAttenuation Correction Method
0054,1102CSDecay Correction
0054,1103LOReconstruction Method
0054,1104LODetector Lines of Response Used
0054,1105LOScatter Correction Method
0054,1200DSAxial Acceptance
0054,1201ISAxial Mash
0054,1202ISTransverse Mash
0054,1203DSDetector Element Size
0054,1210DSCoincidence Window Width
0054,1220CSSecondary Counts Type
0054,1300DSFrame Reference Time
0054,1310ISPrimary (Prompts) Counts Accumulated
0054,1311ISSecondary Counts Accumulated
0054,1320DSSlice Sensitivity Factor
0054,1321DSDecay Factor
0054,1322DSDose Calibration Factor
0054,1323DSScatter Fraction Factor
0054,1324DSDead Time Factor
0054,1330USImage Index
0054,1400CSCounts Included
0054,1401CSDead Time Correction Flag
0060,3000SQHistogram Sequence
0060,3002USHistogram Number of Bins
0060,3004SSHistogram First Bin Value
0060,3006SSHistogram Last Bin Value
0060,3008USHistogram Bin Width
0060,3010LOHistogram Explanation
0060,3020ULHistogram Data
0062,0001CSSegmentation Type
0062,0002SQSegment Sequence
0062,0003SQSegmented Property Category Code Sequence
0062,0004USSegment Number
0062,0005LOSegment Label
0062,0006STSegment Description
0062,0008CSSegment Algorithm Type
0062,0009LOSegment Algorithm Name
0062,000ASQSegment Identification Sequence
0062,000BUSReferenced Segment Number
0062,000CUSRecommended Display Grayscale Value
0062,000DUSRecommended Display CIELab Value
0062,000EUSMaximum Fractional Value
0062,000FSQSegmented Property Type Code Sequence
0062,0010CSSegmentation Fractional Type
0064,0002SQDeformable Registration Sequence
0064,0003UISource Frame of Reference UID
0064,0005SQDeformable Registration Grid Sequence
0064,0007ULGrid Dimensions
0064,0008FDGrid Resolution
0064,0009OFVector Grid Data
0064,000FSQPre Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
0064,0010SQPost Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
0070,0001SQGraphic Annotation Sequence
0070,0002CSGraphic Layer
0070,0003CSBounding Box Annotation Units
0070,0004CSAnchor Point Annotation Units
0070,0005CSGraphic Annotation Units
0070,0006STUnformatted Text Value
0070,0008SQText Object Sequence
0070,0009SQGraphic Object Sequence
0070,0010FLBounding Box Top Left Hand Corner
0070,0011FLBounding Box Bottom Right Hand Corner
0070,0012CSBounding Box Text Horizontal Justification
0070,0014FLAnchor Point
0070,0015CSAnchor Point Visibility
0070,0020USGraphic Dimensions
0070,0021USNumber of Graphic Points
0070,0022FLGraphic Data
0070,0023CSGraphic Type
0070,0024CSGraphic Filled
0070,0041CSImage Horizontal Flip
0070,0042USImage Rotation
0070,0052SLDisplayed Area Top Left Hand Corner
0070,0053SLDisplayed Area Bottom Right Hand Corner
0070,005ASQDisplayed Area Selection Sequence
0070,0060SQGraphic Layer Sequence
0070,0062ISGraphic Layer Order
0070,0066USGraphic Layer Recommended Display Grayscale Value
0070,0067USGraphic Layer Recommended Display RGB Value
0070,0068LOGraphic Layer Description
0070,0080CSContent Label
0070,0081LOContent Description
0070,0082DAPresentation Creation Date
0070,0083TMPresentation Creation Time
0070,0084PNContent Creator's Name
0070,0086SQContent Creator's Identification Code Sequence
0070,0100CSPresentation Size Mode
0070,0101DSPresentation Pixel Spacing
0070,0102ISPresentation Pixel Aspect Ratio
0070,0103FLPresentation Pixel Magnification Ratio
0070,0306CSShape Type
0070,0308SQRegistration Sequence
0070,0309SQMatrix Registration Sequence
0070,030ASQMatrix Sequence
0070,030CCSFrame of Reference Transformation Matrix Type
0070,030DSQRegistration Type Code Sequence
0070,030FSTFiducial Description
0070,0310SHFiducial Identifier
0070,0311SQFiducial Identifier Code Sequence
0070,0312FDContour Uncertainty Radius
0070,0314SQUsed Fiducials Sequence
0070,0318SQGraphic Coordinates Data Sequence
0070,031AUIFiducial UID
0070,031CSQFiducial Set Sequence
0070,031ESQFiducial Sequence
0070,0401USGraphic Layer Recommended Display CIELab Value
0070,0402SQBlending Sequence
0070,0403FLRelative Opacity
0070,0404SQReferenced Spatial Registration Sequence
0070,0405CSBlending Position
0072,0002SHHanging Protocol Name
0072,0004LOHanging Protocol Description
0072,0006CSHanging Protocol Level
0072,0008LOHanging Protocol Creator
0072,000ADTHanging Protocol Creation Datetime
0072,000CSQHanging Protocol Definition Sequence
0072,000ESQHanging Protocol User Identification Code Sequence
0072,0010LOHanging Protocol User Group Name
0072,0012SQSource Hanging Protocol Sequence
0072,0014USNumber of Priors Referenced
0072,0020SQImage Sets Sequence
0072,0022SQImage Set Selector Sequence
0072,0024CSImage Set Selector Usage Flag
0072,0026ATSelector Attribute
0072,0028USSelector Value Number
0072,0030SQTime Based Image Sets Sequence
0072,0032USImage Set Number
0072,0034CSImage Set Selector Category
0072,0038USRelative Time
0072,003ACSRelative Time Units
0072,003CSSAbstract Prior Value
0072,003ESQAbstract Prior Code Sequence
0072,0040LOImage Set Label
0072,0050CSSelector Attribute VR
0072,0052ATSelector Sequence Pointer
0072,0054LOSelector Sequence Pointer Private Creator
0072,0056LOSelector Attribute Private Creator
0072,0060ATSelector AT Value
0072,0062CSSelector CS Value
0072,0064ISSelector IS Value
0072,0066LOSelector LO Value
0072,0068LTSelector LT Value
0072,006APNSelector PN Value
0072,006CSHSelector SH Value
0072,006ESTSelector ST Value
0072,0070UTSelector UT Value
0072,0072DSSelector DS Value
0072,0074FDSelector FD Value
0072,0076FLSelector FL Value
0072,0078ULSelector UL Value
0072,007AUSSelector US Value
0072,007CSLSelector SL Value
0072,007ESSSelector SS Value
0072,0080SQSelector Code Sequence Value
0072,0100USNumber of Screens
0072,0102SQNominal Screen Definition Sequence
0072,0104USNumber of Vertical Pixels
0072,0106USNumber of Horizontal Pixels
0072,0108FDDisplay Environment Spatial Position
0072,010AUSScreen Minimum Grayscale Bit Depth
0072,010CUSScreen Minimum Color Bit Depth
0072,010EUSApplication Maximum Repaint Time
0072,0200SQDisplay Sets Sequence
0072,0202USDisplay Set Number
0072,0203LODisplay Set Label
0072,0204USDisplay Set Presentation Group
0072,0206LODisplay Set Presentation Group Description
0072,0208CSPartial Data Display Handling
0072,0210SQSynchronized Scrolling Sequence
0072,0212USDisplay Set Scrolling Group
0072,0214SQNavigation Indicator Sequence
0072,0216USNavigation Display Set
0072,0218USReference Display Sets
0072,0300SQImage Boxes Sequence
0072,0302USImage Box Number
0072,0304CSImage Box Layout Type
0072,0306USImage Box Tile Horizontal Dimension
0072,0308USImage Box Tile Vertical Dimension
0072,0310CSImage Box Scroll Direction
0072,0312CSImage Box Small Scroll Type
0072,0314USImage Box Small Scroll Amount
0072,0316CSImage Box Large Scroll Type
0072,0318USImage Box Large Scroll Amount
0072,0320USImage Box Overlap Priority
0072,0330FDCine Relative to Real-Time
0072,0400SQFilter Operations Sequence
0072,0402CSFilter-by Category
0072,0404CSFilter-by Attribute Presence
0072,0406CSFilter-by Operator
0072,0500CSBlending Operation Type
0072,0510CSReformatting Operation Type
0072,0512FDReformatting Thickness
0072,0514FDReformatting Interval
0072,0516CSReformatting Operation Initial View Direction
0072,0520CS3D Rendering Type
0072,0600SQSorting Operations Sequence
0072,0602CSSort-by Category
0072,0604CSSorting Direction
0072,0700CSDisplay Set Patient Orientation
0072,0702CSVOI Type
0072,0704CSPseudo-color Type
0072,0706CSShow Grayscale Inverted
0072,0710CSShow Image True Size Flag
0072,0712CSShow Graphic Annotation Flag
0072,0714CSShow Patient Demographics Flag
0072,0716CSShow Acquisition Techniques Flag
0072,0717CSDisplay Set Horizontal Justification
0072,0718CSDisplay Set Vertical Justification
0088,0130SHStorage Media File-set ID
0088,0140UIStorage Media File-set UID
0088,0200SQIcon Image Sequence
0088,0904LOTopic Title
0088,0906STTopic Subject
0088,0910LOTopic Author
0088,0912LOTopic Keywords
0100,0410CSSOP Instance Status
0100,0420DTSOP Authorization Date and Time
0100,0424LTSOP Authorization Comment
0100,0426LOAuthorization Equipment Certification Number
0400,0005USMAC ID Number
0400,0010UIMAC Calculation Transfer Syntax UID
0400,0015CSMAC Algorithm
0400,0020ATData Elements Signed
0400,0100UIDigital Signature UID
0400,0105DTDigital Signature DateTime
0400,0110CSCertificate Type
0400,0115OBCertificate of Signer
0400,0305CSCertified Timestamp Type
0400,0310OBCertified Timestamp
0400,0401SQDigital Signature Purpose Code Sequence
0400,0402SQReferenced Digital Signature Sequence
0400,0403SQReferenced SOP Instance MAC Sequence
0400,0500SQEncrypted Attributes Sequence
0400,0510UIEncrypted Content Transfer Syntax UID
0400,0520OBEncrypted Content
0400,0550SQModified Attributes Sequence
0400,0561SQOriginal Attributes Sequence
0400,0562DTAttribute Modification Datetime
0400,0563LOModifying System
0400,0564LOSource of Previous Values
0400,0565CSReason for the Attribute Modification
2000,0010ISNumber of Copies
2000,001ESQPrinter Configuration Sequence
2000,0020CSPrint Priority
2000,0030CSMedium Type
2000,0040CSFilm Destination
2000,0050LOFilm Session Label
2000,0060ISMemory Allocation
2000,0061ISMaximum Memory Allocation
2000,0062CSColor Image Printing Flag
2000,0063CSCollation Flag
2000,0065CSAnnotation Flag
2000,0067CSImage Overlay Flag
2000,0069CSPresentation LUT Flag
2000,006ACSImage Box Presentation LUT Flag
2000,00A0USMemory Bit Depth
2000,00A1USPrinting Bit Depth
2000,00A2SQMedia Installed Sequence
2000,00A4SQOther Media Available Sequence
2000,00A8SQSupported Image Display Formats Sequence
2000,0500SQReferenced Film Box Sequence
2000,0510SQReferenced Stored Print Sequence
2010,0010STImage Display Format
2010,0030CSAnnotation Display Format ID
2010,0040CSFilm Orientation
2010,0050CSFilm Size ID
2010,0052CSPrinter Resolution ID
2010,0054CSDefault Printer Resolution ID
2010,0060CSMagnification Type
2010,0080CSSmoothing Type
2010,00A6CSDefault Magnification Type
2010,00A7CSOther Magnification Types Available
2010,00A8CSDefault Smoothing Type
2010,00A9CSOther Smoothing Types Available
2010,0100CSBorder Density
2010,0110CSEmpty Image Density
2010,0120USMin Density
2010,0130USMax Density
2010,0150STConfiguration Information
2010,0152LTConfiguration Information Description
2010,0154ISMaximum Collated Films
2010,0160USReflected Ambient Light
2010,0376DSPrinter Pixel Spacing
2010,0500SQReferenced Film Session Sequence
2010,0510SQReferenced Image Box Sequence
2010,0520SQReferenced Basic Annotation Box Sequence
2020,0010USImage Position
2020,0030DSRequested Image Size
2020,0040CSRequested Decimate/Crop Behavior
2020,0050CSRequested Resolution ID
2020,00A0CSRequested Image Size Flag
2020,00A2CSDecimate/Crop Result
2020,0110SQBasic Grayscale Image Sequence
2020,0111SQBasic Color Image Sequence
2020,0130SQReferenced Image Overlay Box Sequence
2020,0140SQReferenced VOI LUT Box Sequence
2030,0010USAnnotation Position
2030,0020LOText String
2040,0010SQReferenced Overlay Plane Sequence
2040,0011USReferenced Overlay Plane Groups
2040,0020SQOverlay Pixel Data Sequence
2040,0060CSOverlay Magnification Type
2040,0070CSOverlay Smoothing Type
2040,0072CSOverlay or Image Magnification
2040,0074USMagnify to Number of Columns
2040,0080CSOverlay Foreground Density
2040,0082CSOverlay Background Density
2040,0090CSOverlay Mode
2040,0100CSThreshold Density
2040,0500SQReferenced Image Box Sequence
2050,0010SQPresentation LUT Sequence
2050,0020CSPresentation LUT Shape
2050,0500SQReferenced Presentation LUT Sequence
2100,0010SHPrint Job ID
2100,0020CSExecution Status
2100,0030CSExecution Status Info
2100,0040DACreation Date
2100,0050TMCreation Time
2100,0140AEDestination AE
2100,0160SHOwner ID
2100,0170ISNumber of Films
2100,0500SQReferenced Print Job Sequence (Pull Stored Print)
2110,0010CSPrinter Status
2110,0020CSPrinter Status Info
2110,0030LOPrinter Name
2110,0099SHPrint Queue ID
2120,0010CSQueue Status
2120,0050SQPrint Job Description Sequence
2120,0070SQReferenced Print Job Sequence
2130,0010SQPrint Management Capabilities Sequence
2130,0015SQPrinter Characteristics Sequence
2130,0030SQFilm Box Content Sequence
2130,0040SQImage Box Content Sequence
2130,0050SQAnnotation Content Sequence
2130,0060SQImage Overlay Box Content Sequence
2130,0080SQPresentation LUT Content Sequence
2130,00A0SQProposed Study Sequence
2130,00C0SQOriginal Image Sequence
2200,0001CSLabel Using Information Extracted From Instances
2200,0002UTLabel Text
2200,0003CSLabel Style Selection
2200,0004LTMedia Disposition
2200,0005LTBarcode Value
2200,0006CSBarcode Symbology
2200,0007CSAllow Media Splitting
2200,0008CSInclude Non-DICOM Objects
2200,0009CSInclude Display Application
2200,000ACSPreserve Composite Instances After Media Creation
2200,000BUSTotal Number of Pieces of Media Created
2200,000CLORequested Media Application Profile
2200,000DSQReferenced Storage Media Sequence
2200,000EATFailure Attributes
2200,000FCSAllow Lossy Compression
2200,0020CSRequest Priority
3002,0002SHRT Image Label
3002,0003LORT Image Name
3002,0004STRT Image Description
3002,000ACSReported Values Origin
3002,000CCSRT Image Plane
3002,000DDSX-Ray Image Receptor Translation
3002,000EDSX-Ray Image Receptor Angle
3002,0010DSRT Image Orientation
3002,0011DSImage Plane Pixel Spacing
3002,0012DSRT Image Position
3002,0020SHRadiation Machine Name
3002,0022DSRadiation Machine SAD
3002,0024DSRadiation Machine SSD
3002,0026DSRT Image SID
3002,0028DSSource to Reference Object Distance
3002,0029ISFraction Number
3002,0030SQExposure Sequence
3002,0032DSMeterset Exposure
3002,0034DSDiaphragm Position
3002,0040SQFluence Map Sequence
3002,0041CSFluence Data Source
3002,0042DSFluence Data Scale
3004,0001CSDVH Type
3004,0002CSDose Units
3004,0004CSDose Type
3004,0006LODose Comment
3004,0008DSNormalization Point
3004,000ACSDose Summation Type
3004,000CDSGrid Frame Offset Vector
3004,000EDSDose Grid Scaling
3004,0010SQRT Dose ROI Sequence
3004,0012DSDose Value
3004,0014CSTissue Heterogeneity Correction
3004,0040DSDVH Normalization Point
3004,0042DSDVH Normalization Dose Value
3004,0050SQDVH Sequence
3004,0052DSDVH Dose Scaling
3004,0054CSDVH Volume Units
3004,0056ISDVH Number of Bins
3004,0058DSDVH Data
3004,0060SQDVH Referenced ROI Sequence
3004,0062CSDVH ROI Contribution Type
3004,0070DSDVH Minimum Dose
3004,0072DSDVH Maximum Dose
3004,0074DSDVH Mean Dose
3006,0002SHStructure Set Label
3006,0004LOStructure Set Name
3006,0006STStructure Set Description
3006,0008DAStructure Set Date
3006,0009TMStructure Set Time
3006,0010SQReferenced Frame of Reference Sequence
3006,0012SQRT Referenced Study Sequence
3006,0014SQRT Referenced Series Sequence
3006,0016SQContour Image Sequence
3006,0020SQStructure Set ROI Sequence
3006,0022ISROI Number
3006,0024UIReferenced Frame of Reference UID
3006,0026LOROI Name
3006,0028STROI Description
3006,002AISROI Display Color
3006,002CDSROI Volume
3006,0030SQRT Related ROI Sequence
3006,0033CSRT ROI Relationship
3006,0036CSROI Generation Algorithm
3006,0038LOROI Generation Description
3006,0039SQROI Contour Sequence
3006,0040SQContour Sequence
3006,0042CSContour Geometric Type
3006,0044DSContour Slab Thickness
3006,0045DSContour Offset Vector
3006,0046ISNumber of Contour Points
3006,0048ISContour Number
3006,0049ISAttached Contours
3006,0050DSContour Data
3006,0080SQRT ROI Observations Sequence
3006,0082ISObservation Number
3006,0084ISReferenced ROI Number
3006,0085SHROI Observation Label
3006,0086SQRT ROI Identification Code Sequence
3006,0088STROI Observation Description
3006,00A0SQRelated RT ROI Observations Sequence
3006,00A4CSRT ROI Interpreted Type
3006,00A6PNROI Interpreter
3006,00B0SQROI Physical Properties Sequence
3006,00B2CSROI Physical Property
3006,00B4DSROI Physical Property Value
3006,00C0SQFrame of Reference Relationship Sequence
3006,00C2UIRelated Frame of Reference UID
3006,00C4CSFrame of Reference Transformation Type
3006,00C6DSFrame of Reference Transformation Matrix
3006,00C8LOFrame of Reference Transformation Comment
3008,0010SQMeasured Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0012STMeasured Dose Description
3008,0014CSMeasured Dose Type
3008,0016DSMeasured Dose Value
3008,0020SQTreatment Session Beam Sequence
3008,0021SQTreatment Session Ion Beam Sequence
3008,0022ISCurrent Fraction Number
3008,0024DATreatment Control Point Date
3008,0025TMTreatment Control Point Time
3008,002ACSTreatment Termination Status
3008,002BSHTreatment Termination Code
3008,002CCSTreatment Verification Status
3008,0030SQReferenced Treatment Record Sequence
3008,0032DSSpecified Primary Meterset
3008,0033DSSpecified Secondary Meterset
3008,0036DSDelivered Primary Meterset
3008,0037DSDelivered Secondary Meterset
3008,003ADSSpecified Treatment Time
3008,003BDSDelivered Treatment Time
3008,0040SQControl Point Delivery Sequence
3008,0041SQIon Control Point Delivery Sequence
3008,0042DSSpecified Meterset
3008,0044DSDelivered Meterset
3008,0045FLMeterset Rate Set
3008,0046FLMeterset Rate Delivered
3008,0047FLScan Spot Metersets Delivered
3008,0048DSDose Rate Delivered
3008,0050SQTreatment Summary Calculated Dose Reference
3008,0052DSCumulative Dose to Dose Reference
3008,0054DAFirst Treatment Date
3008,0056DAMost Recent Treatment Date
3008,005AISNumber of Fractions Delivered
3008,0060SQOverride Sequence
3008,0061ATParameter Sequence Pointer
3008,0062ATOverride Parameter Pointer
3008,0063ISParameter Item Index
3008,0064ISMeasured Dose Reference Number
3008,0065ATParameter Pointer
3008,0066STOverride Reason
3008,0068SQCorrected Parameter Sequence
3008,006AFLCorrection Value
3008,0070SQCalculated Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0072ISCalculated Dose Reference Number
3008,0074STCalculated Dose Reference Description
3008,0076DSCalculated Dose Reference Dose Value
3008,0078DSStart Meterset
3008,007ADSEnd Meterset
3008,0080SQReferenced Measured Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0082ISReferenced Measured Dose Reference Number
3008,0090SQReferenced Calculated Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0092ISReferenced Calculated Dose Reference Number
3008,00A0SQBeam Limiting Device Leaf Pairs Sequence
3008,00B0SQRecorded Wedge Sequence
3008,00C0SQRecorded Compensator Sequence
3008,00D0SQRecorded Block Sequence
3008,00E0SQTreatment Summary Measured Dose Reference
3008,00F0SQRecorded Snout Sequence
3008,00F2SQRecorded Range Shifter Sequence
3008,00F4SQRecorded Lateral Spreading Device Sequence
3008,00F6SQRecorded Range Modulator Sequence
3008,0100SQRecorded Source Sequence
3008,0105LOSource Serial Number
3008,0110SQTreatment Session Application Setup Sequence
3008,0116CSApplication Setup Check
3008,0120SQRecorded Brachy Accessory Device Sequence
3008,0122ISReferenced Brachy Accessory Device Number
3008,0130SQRecorded Channel Sequence
3008,0132DSSpecified Channel Total Time
3008,0134DSDelivered Channel Total Time
3008,0136ISSpecified Number of Pulses
3008,0138ISDelivered Number of Pulses
3008,013ADSSpecified Pulse Repetition Interval
3008,013CDSDelivered Pulse Repetition Interval
3008,0140SQRecorded Source Applicator Sequence
3008,0142ISReferenced Source Applicator Number
3008,0150SQRecorded Channel Shield Sequence
3008,0152ISReferenced Channel Shield Number
3008,0160SQBrachy Control Point Delivered Sequence
3008,0162DASafe Position Exit Date
3008,0164TMSafe Position Exit Time
3008,0166DASafe Position Return Date
3008,0168TMSafe Position Return Time
3008,0200CSCurrent Treatment Status
3008,0202STTreatment Status Comment
3008,0220SQFraction Group Summary Sequence
3008,0223ISReferenced Fraction Number
3008,0224CSFraction Group Type
3008,0230CSBeam Stopper Position
3008,0240SQFraction Status Summary Sequence
3008,0250DATreatment Date
3008,0251TMTreatment Time
300A,0002SHRT Plan Label
300A,0003LORT Plan Name
300A,0004STRT Plan Description
300A,0006DART Plan Date
300A,0007TMRT Plan Time
300A,0009LOTreatment Protocols
300A,000ACSPlan Intent
300A,000BLOTreatment Sites
300A,000CCSRT Plan Geometry
300A,000ESTPrescription Description
300A,0010SQDose Reference Sequence
300A,0012ISDose Reference Number
300A,0013UIDose Reference UID
300A,0014CSDose Reference Structure Type
300A,0015CSNominal Beam Energy Unit
300A,0016LODose Reference Description
300A,0018DSDose Reference Point Coordinates
300A,001ADSNominal Prior Dose
300A,0020CSDose Reference Type
300A,0021DSConstraint Weight
300A,0022DSDelivery Warning Dose
300A,0023DSDelivery Maximum Dose
300A,0025DSTarget Minimum Dose
300A,0026DSTarget Prescription Dose
300A,0027DSTarget Maximum Dose
300A,0028DSTarget Underdose Volume Fraction
300A,002ADSOrgan at Risk Full-volume Dose
300A,002BDSOrgan at Risk Limit Dose
300A,002CDSOrgan at Risk Maximum Dose
300A,002DDSOrgan at Risk Overdose Volume Fraction
300A,0040SQTolerance Table Sequence
300A,0042ISTolerance Table Number
300A,0043SHTolerance Table Label
300A,0044DSGantry Angle Tolerance
300A,0046DSBeam Limiting Device Angle Tolerance
300A,0048SQBeam Limiting Device Tolerance Sequence
300A,004ADSBeam Limiting Device Position Tolerance
300A,004BFLSnout Position Tolerance
300A,004CDSPatient Support Angle Tolerance
300A,004EDSTable Top Eccentric Angle Tolerance
300A,004FFLTable Top Pitch Angle Tolerance
300A,0050FLTable Top Roll Angle Tolerance
300A,0051DSTable Top Vertical Position Tolerance
300A,0052DSTable Top Longitudinal Position Tolerance
300A,0053DSTable Top Lateral Position Tolerance
300A,0055CSRT Plan Relationship
300A,0070SQFraction Group Sequence
300A,0071ISFraction Group Number
300A,0072LOFraction Group Description
300A,0078ISNumber of Fractions Planned
300A,0079ISNumber of Fraction Pattern Digits Per Day
300A,007AISRepeat Fraction Cycle Length
300A,007BLTFraction Pattern
300A,0080ISNumber of Beams
300A,0082DSBeam Dose Specification Point
300A,0084DSBeam Dose
300A,0086DSBeam Meterset
300A,0088FLBeam Dose Point Depth
300A,0089FLBeam Dose Point Equivalent Depth
300A,008AFLBeam Dose Point SSD
300A,00A0ISNumber of Brachy Application Setups
300A,00A2DSBrachy Application Setup Dose Specification Point
300A,00A4DSBrachy Application Setup Dose
300A,00B0SQBeam Sequence
300A,00B2SHTreatment Machine Name
300A,00B3CSPrimary Dosimeter Unit
300A,00B4DSSource-Axis Distance
300A,00B6SQBeam Limiting Device Sequence
300A,00B8CSRT Beam Limiting Device Type
300A,00BADSSource to Beam Limiting Device Distance
300A,00BBFLIsocenter to Beam Limiting Device Distance
300A,00BCISNumber of Leaf/Jaw Pairs
300A,00BEDSLeaf Position Boundaries
300A,00C0ISBeam Number
300A,00C2LOBeam Name
300A,00C3STBeam Description
300A,00C4CSBeam Type
300A,00C6CSRadiation Type
300A,00C7CSHigh-Dose Technique Type
300A,00C8ISReference Image Number
300A,00CASQPlanned Verification Image Sequence
300A,00CCLOImaging Device-Specific Acquisition Parameters
300A,00CECSTreatment Delivery Type
300A,00D0ISNumber of Wedges
300A,00D1SQWedge Sequence
300A,00D2ISWedge Number
300A,00D3CSWedge Type
300A,00D4SHWedge ID
300A,00D5ISWedge Angle
300A,00D6DSWedge Factor
300A,00D7FLTotal Wedge Tray Water-Equivalent Thickness
300A,00D8DSWedge Orientation
300A,00D9FLIsocenter to Wedge Tray Distance
300A,00DADSSource to Wedge Tray Distance
300A,00DBFLWedge Thin Edge Position
300A,00DCSHBolus ID
300A,00DDSTBolus Description
300A,00E0ISNumber of Compensators
300A,00E1SHMaterial ID
300A,00E2DSTotal Compensator Tray Factor
300A,00E3SQCompensator Sequence
300A,00E4ISCompensator Number
300A,00E5SHCompensator ID
300A,00E6DSSource to Compensator Tray Distance
300A,00E7ISCompensator Rows
300A,00E8ISCompensator Columns
300A,00E9DSCompensator Pixel Spacing
300A,00EADSCompensator Position
300A,00EBDSCompensator Transmission Data
300A,00ECDSCompensator Thickness Data
300A,00EDISNumber of Boli
300A,00EECSCompensator Type
300A,00F0ISNumber of Blocks
300A,00F2DSTotal Block Tray Factor
300A,00F3FLTotal Block Tray Water-Equivalent Thickness
300A,00F4SQBlock Sequence
300A,00F5SHBlock Tray ID
300A,00F6DSSource to Block Tray Distance
300A,00F7FLIsocenter to Block Tray Distance
300A,00F8CSBlock Type
300A,00F9LOAccessory Code
300A,00FACSBlock Divergence
300A,00FBCSBlock Mounting Position
300A,00FCISBlock Number
300A,00FELOBlock Name
300A,0100DSBlock Thickness
300A,0102DSBlock Transmission
300A,0104ISBlock Number of Points
300A,0106DSBlock Data
300A,0107SQApplicator Sequence
300A,0108SHApplicator ID
300A,0109CSApplicator Type
300A,010ALOApplicator Description
300A,010CDSCumulative Dose Reference Coefficient
300A,010EDSFinal Cumulative Meterset Weight
300A,0110ISNumber of Control Points
300A,0111SQControl Point Sequence
300A,0112ISControl Point Index
300A,0114DSNominal Beam Energy
300A,0115DSDose Rate Set
300A,0116SQWedge Position Sequence
300A,0118CSWedge Position
300A,011ASQBeam Limiting Device Position Sequence
300A,011CDSLeaf/Jaw Positions
300A,011EDSGantry Angle
300A,011FCSGantry Rotation Direction
300A,0120DSBeam Limiting Device Angle
300A,0121CSBeam Limiting Device Rotation Direction
300A,0122DSPatient Support Angle
300A,0123CSPatient Support Rotation Direction
300A,0124DSTable Top Eccentric Axis Distance
300A,0125DSTable Top Eccentric Angle
300A,0126CSTable Top Eccentric Rotation Direction
300A,0128DSTable Top Vertical Position
300A,0129DSTable Top Longitudinal Position
300A,012ADSTable Top Lateral Position
300A,012CDSIsocenter Position
300A,012EDSSurface Entry Point
300A,0130DSSource to Surface Distance
300A,0134DSCumulative Meterset Weight
300A,0140FLTable Top Pitch Angle
300A,0142CSTable Top Pitch Rotation Direction
300A,0144FLTable Top Roll Angle
300A,0146CSTable Top Roll Rotation Direction
300A,0148FLHead Fixation Angle
300A,014AFLGantry Pitch Angle
300A,014CCSGantry Pitch Rotation Direction
300A,014EFLGantry Pitch Angle Tolerance
300A,0180SQPatient Setup Sequence
300A,0182ISPatient Setup Number
300A,0183LOPatient Setup Label
300A,0184LOPatient Additional Position
300A,0190SQFixation Device Sequence
300A,0192CSFixation Device Type
300A,0194SHFixation Device Label
300A,0196STFixation Device Description
300A,0198SHFixation Device Position
300A,0199FLFixation Device Pitch Angle
300A,019AFLFixation Device Roll Angle
300A,01A0SQShielding Device Sequence
300A,01A2CSShielding Device Type
300A,01A4SHShielding Device Label
300A,01A6STShielding Device Description
300A,01A8SHShielding Device Position
300A,01B0CSSetup Technique
300A,01B2STSetup Technique Description
300A,01B4SQSetup Device Sequence
300A,01B6CSSetup Device Type
300A,01B8SHSetup Device Label
300A,01BASTSetup Device Description
300A,01BCDSSetup Device Parameter
300A,01D0STSetup Reference Description
300A,01D2DSTable Top Vertical Setup Displacement
300A,01D4DSTable Top Longitudinal Setup Displacement
300A,01D6DSTable Top Lateral Setup Displacement
300A,0200CSBrachy Treatment Technique
300A,0202CSBrachy Treatment Type
300A,0206SQTreatment Machine Sequence
300A,0210SQSource Sequence
300A,0212ISSource Number
300A,0214CSSource Type
300A,0216LOSource Manufacturer
300A,0218DSActive Source Diameter
300A,021ADSActive Source Length
300A,0222DSSource Encapsulation Nominal Thickness
300A,0224DSSource Encapsulation Nominal Transmission
300A,0226LOSource Isotope Name
300A,0228DSSource Isotope Half Life
300A,0229CSSource Strength Units
300A,022ADSReference Air Kerma Rate
300A,022BDSSource Strength
300A,022CDASource Strength Reference Date
300A,022ETMSource Strength Reference Time
300A,0230SQApplication Setup Sequence
300A,0232CSApplication Setup Type
300A,0234ISApplication Setup Number
300A,0236LOApplication Setup Name
300A,0238LOApplication Setup Manufacturer
300A,0240ISTemplate Number
300A,0242SHTemplate Type
300A,0244LOTemplate Name
300A,0250DSTotal Reference Air Kerma
300A,0260SQBrachy Accessory Device Sequence
300A,0262ISBrachy Accessory Device Number
300A,0263SHBrachy Accessory Device ID
300A,0264CSBrachy Accessory Device Type
300A,0266LOBrachy Accessory Device Name
300A,026ADSBrachy Accessory Device Nominal Thickness
300A,026CDSBrachy Accessory Device Nominal Transmission
300A,0280SQChannel Sequence
300A,0282ISChannel Number
300A,0284DSChannel Length
300A,0286DSChannel Total Time
300A,0288CSSource Movement Type
300A,028AISNumber of Pulses
300A,028CDSPulse Repetition Interval
300A,0290ISSource Applicator Number
300A,0291SHSource Applicator ID
300A,0292CSSource Applicator Type
300A,0294LOSource Applicator Name
300A,0296DSSource Applicator Length
300A,0298LOSource Applicator Manufacturer
300A,029CDSSource Applicator Wall Nominal Thickness
300A,029EDSSource Applicator Wall Nominal Transmission
300A,02A0DSSource Applicator Step Size
300A,02A2ISTransfer Tube Number
300A,02A4DSTransfer Tube Length
300A,02B0SQChannel Shield Sequence
300A,02B2ISChannel Shield Number
300A,02B3SHChannel Shield ID
300A,02B4LOChannel Shield Name
300A,02B8DSChannel Shield Nominal Thickness
300A,02BADSChannel Shield Nominal Transmission
300A,02C8DSFinal Cumulative Time Weight
300A,02D0SQBrachy Control Point Sequence
300A,02D2DSControl Point Relative Position
300A,02D4DSControl Point 3D Position
300A,02D6DSCumulative Time Weight
300A,02E0CSCompensator Divergence
300A,02E1CSCompensator Mounting Position
300A,02E2DSSource to Compensator Distance
300A,02E3FLTotal Compensator Tray Water-Equivalent Thickness
300A,02E4FLIsocenter to Compensator Tray Distance
300A,02E5FLCompensator Column Offset
300A,02E6FLIsocenter to Compensator Distances
300A,02E7FLCompensator Relative Stopping Power Ratio
300A,02E8FLCompensator Milling Tool Diameter
300A,02EASQIon Range Compensator Sequence
300A,0302ISRadiation Mass Number
300A,0304ISRadiation Atomic Number
300A,0306SSRadiation Charge State
300A,0308CSScan Mode
300A,030AFLVirtual Source-Axis Distances
300A,030CSQSnout Sequence
300A,030DFLSnout Position
300A,030FSHSnout ID
300A,0312ISNumber of Range Shifters
300A,0314SQRange Shifter Sequence
300A,0316ISRange Shifter Number
300A,0318SHRange Shifter ID
300A,0320CSRange Shifter Type
300A,0322LORange Shifter Description
300A,0330ISNumber of Lateral Spreading Devices
300A,0332SQLateral Spreading Device Sequence
300A,0334ISLateral Spreading Device Number
300A,0336SHLateral Spreading Device ID
300A,0338CSLateral Spreading Device Type
300A,033ALOLateral Spreading Device Description
300A,033CFLLateral Spreading Device Water Equivalent Thickness
300A,0340ISNumber of Range Modulators
300A,0342SQRange Modulator Sequence
300A,0344ISRange Modulator Number
300A,0346SHRange Modulator ID
300A,0348CSRange Modulator Type
300A,034ALORange Modulator Description
300A,034CSHBeam Current Modulation ID
300A,0350CSPatient Support Type
300A,0352SHPatient Support ID
300A,0354LOPatient Support Accessory Code
300A,0356FLFixation Light Azimuthal Angle
300A,0358FLFixation Light Polar Angle
300A,035AFLMeterset Rate
300A,0360SQRange Shifter Settings Sequence
300A,0362LORange Shifter Setting
300A,0364FLIsocenter to Range Shifter Distance
300A,0366FLRange Shifter Water Equivalent Thickness
300A,0370SQLateral Spreading Device Settings Sequence
300A,0372LOLateral Spreading Device Setting
300A,0374FLIsocenter to Lateral Spreading Device Distance
300A,0380SQRange Modulator Settings Sequence
300A,0382FLRange Modulator Gating Start Value
300A,0384FLRange Modulator Gating Stop Value
300A,0386FLRange Modulator Gating Start Water Equivalent
300A,0388FLRange Modulator Gating Stop Water Equivalent
300A,038AFLIsocenter to Range Modulator Distance
300A,0390SHScan Spot Tune ID
300A,0392ISNumber of Scan Spot Positions
300A,0394FLScan Spot Position Map
300A,0396FLScan Spot Meterset Weights
300A,0398FLScanning Spot Size
300A,039AISNumber of Paintings
300A,03A0SQIon Tolerance Table Sequence
300A,03A2SQIon Beam Sequence
300A,03A4SQIon Beam Limiting Device Sequence
300A,03A6SQIon Block Sequence
300A,03A8SQIon Control Point Sequence
300A,03AASQIon Wedge Sequence
300A,03ACSQIon Wedge Position Sequence
300A,0401SQReferenced Setup Image Sequence
300A,0402STSetup Image Comment
300A,0410SQMotion Synchronization Sequence
300C,0002SQReferenced RT Plan Sequence
300C,0004SQReferenced Beam Sequence
300C,0006ISReferenced Beam Number
300C,0007ISReferenced Reference Image Number
300C,0008DSStart Cumulative Meterset Weight
300C,0009DSEnd Cumulative Meterset Weight
300C,000ASQReferenced Brachy Application Setup Sequence
300C,000CISReferenced Brachy Application Setup Number
300C,000EISReferenced Source Number
300C,0020SQReferenced Fraction Group Sequence
300C,0022ISReferenced Fraction Group Number
300C,0040SQReferenced Verification Image Sequence
300C,0042SQReferenced Reference Image Sequence
300C,0050SQReferenced Dose Reference Sequence
300C,0051ISReferenced Dose Reference Number
300C,0055SQBrachy Referenced Dose Reference Sequence
300C,0060SQReferenced Structure Set Sequence
300C,006AISReferenced Patient Setup Number
300C,0080SQReferenced Dose Sequence
300C,00A0ISReferenced Tolerance Table Number
300C,00B0SQReferenced Bolus Sequence
300C,00C0ISReferenced Wedge Number
300C,00D0ISReferenced Compensator Number
300C,00E0ISReferenced Block Number
300C,00F0ISReferenced Control Point Index
300C,00F2SQReferenced Control Point Sequence
300C,00F4ISReferenced Start Control Point Index
300C,00F6ISReferenced Stop Control Point Index
300C,0100ISReferenced Range Shifter Number
300C,0102ISReferenced Lateral Spreading Device Number
300C,0104ISReferenced Range Modulator Number
300E,0002CSApproval Status
300E,0004DAReview Date
300E,0005TMReview Time
300E,0008PNReviewer Name
4000,4000LTText Comments
4008,0040SHResults ID
4008,0042LOResults ID Issuer
4008,0050SQReferenced Interpretation Sequence
4008,0100DAInterpretation Recorded Date
4008,0101TMInterpretation Recorded Time
4008,0102PNInterpretation Recorder
4008,0103LOReference to Recorded Sound
4008,0108DAInterpretation Transcription Date
4008,0109TMInterpretation Transcription Time
4008,010APNInterpretation Transcriber
4008,010BSTInterpretation Text
4008,010CPNInterpretation Author
4008,0111SQInterpretation Approver Sequence
4008,0112DAInterpretation Approval Date
4008,0113TMInterpretation Approval Time
4008,0114PNPhysician Approving Interpretation
4008,0115LTInterpretation Diagnosis Description
4008,0117SQInterpretation Diagnosis Code Sequence
4008,0118SQResults Distribution List Sequence
4008,0119PNDistribution Name
4008,011ALODistribution Address
4008,0200SHInterpretation ID
4008,0202LOInterpretation ID Issuer
4008,0210CSInterpretation Type ID
4008,0212CSInterpretation Status ID
4008,4000STResults Comments
4FFE,0001SQMAC Parameters Sequence
5200,9229SQShared Functional Groups Sequence
5200,9230SQPer-frame Functional Groups Sequence
5400,0100SQWaveform Sequence
5400,0110OWChannel Minimum Value
5400,0112OWChannel Maximum Value
5400,1004USWaveform Bits Allocated
5400,1006CSWaveform Sample Interpretation
5400,100AOWWaveform Padding Value
5400,1010OWWaveform Data
5600,0010OFFirst Order Phase Correction Angle
5600,0020OFSpectroscopy Data
7FE0,0010OBPixel Data
FFFA,FFFASQDigital Signatures Sequence
FFFC,FFFCOBData Set Trailing Padding

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