Arrow from 356 190 to 276 190; width:10.000px; Arrow from 184 582 to 184 631; width:10.000px; Arrow from 585 424 to 674 306; width:10.000px; Arrow from 430 369 to 360 306; width:10.000px; Arrow from 538 684 to 488 706; width:10.000px;
uberED II - Getting started - TEXT
To add document content click on any position on the sheet to show the CREATE popup menu. Select "Text column"
A column container is created 2 inches wide. Type some text on the keyboard.

Use the GRIP CONTROL to move the text column to a new position.

​Use the RE-SIZE CONTROL to change the column width.
Right click on the text column container to engage the property editor.
The property editor uses HTML5 size units.

​in = inches
​cm = centimeter
​px = 1/96 inch pixel

​Each object in the document has a unique name
Arrow from 352 151 to 267 167; width:10.000px; Arrow from 544 837 to 538 793; width:10.000px; Arrow from 89 768 to 279 586; width:10.000px;
uberED - Getting started - IMAGE
To add a picture click on any position on the sheet to show the CREATE popup menu. Select "Image". Choose an image from the open picture dialogue.

​By default, an image is drawn at 100% scale. This is one picture element per 1/96th of an inch. This is the standard for HTML5/CSS3. It does not depend on screen resoultion. You can change the image scale using the RE-SIZE CONTROL.
Click the "..." ellipsis on the "scale" value in the property editor to engage the slider control. The keyboard left arrow, right arrow, PgUp and PgDn may be used to micro adjust the scale in 1% and 10% steps.
By default, a URL is stored as a link to an external resource. If the image source is in the same (or subordinate) folder to the HTML source file a relative link is created. This example uses an "absolute link".

​Click the "..." ellipsis on the URL value in the property editor for image encoding options. Small images can be encoded inline.
Arrow from 59 892 to 340 856; width:20.000px; Arrow from 252 200 to 398 200; width:10.000px;
uberED - Getting started - GRAPHICS
To use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) some "reference points" must be added to the page. The small red arrows    designate a fixed location on a page.

​A circle Vector Graphic uses a single reference position as a center point. A line requires two reference points
This is an unfilled "shape" connecting a series of 6 unique points. The path is "closed" by returning to the start point. The path is stroked using a 1px red pen in straight lines.

​The same series of 7 reference positions are used to draw a polybezier shape stroked in a 3px green pen and filled with yellow
The "Arrow" is not an intrinsic SVG element. UberED creates this element using poly lines.
text caption at 45° Text anchor aligned start. Text anchor aligned middle. Text anchor aligned end.
uberED - Getting started - GRAPHICS - Text caption
Text in column is composed left to right and aligned to a baseline. It cannot be rotated. A "text caption", however may be used to display text associated with a reference point at an angle at 0° to 360° to the natural display direction. The text anchor point may be specified as start, middle or end aligned.
UberED getting started - FAQ
Q. My document has some blank pages how do I remove them?
​A. Right click to engage the property editor and find "DOCUMENT" in the drop down box. You can edit the number of pages here. You can set the TITLE and the PAGE SIZE defaults here too!

​Q. I type a number of spaces and the editor ignores them - how do I do spacing?
​A. UberED uses HTML conventions - multiple spaces are ignored. If you really need extra spacing between words insert a NON BREAKING SPACE using the EDIT menu.

​Q. Can I do special characters?
​A. Yes - if the current font supports them. Remember that if you are publishing the HTML file on a web site then you must choose a font that is likely to be supported for all users. UberED stores the special characters in the HTML in UTF8 format. You can select a UNICODE keyboard from the EDIT menu.

​Q. Can I edit the HTML?
​A. Yes - but the sub-set of HTML5 supported by UberED is very limited. Understand the XML tree structure!

​Q. I want to align a number of elements. Is there an easy way?
​A. When you highlight "left" and "top" values in the property editor, a drop down box may be selected that lets you choose values from other elements. The LEFT and RIGHT MARGINS can also be used as alignment guides. The margins may be moved by dragging the small blue arrow directly above the dotted blue line or editing the document properties.

Q. How do I edit an graphics element?
​A. Right click on a reference point used to construct the graphic. The drop down list in the property editor highlights the associated graphics using a point icon.
In this example, POINT34 is used by both the circle 10 and the line 11 graphics.
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UberED getting started - FAQ -cont
Q. How do I delete/insert a page?
​A. Select "Pages ..." from the Edit menu. The existing document will be saved before the changes are applied