The RedTitan EEfonts iconEEfonts program is normally used to set up a character recognition database when an entire font is not recognized. When you just need to recode a few characters, however, you may do this directly in the EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE window:

1.Open the original document and right-click on the first character to be assigned a new code.
2.Select Character recognition... (if all characters in the document are recognized this option is grayed-out).
3.The 'Character mapping' dialog opens, showing the code currently assigned as a hexadecimal number. Type the new hex code to be assigned to the character in the left-hand Translated code box. The new character will be shown in the right-hand 'Translated code' box.
4.Click OK to accept the assignment and close the dialog.
Click Next: the dialog shows the current code of the next character on the page.
oIf the code for this character is wrong, type in the new code then press Enter. Click Next to step on to the next character.
oIf the code for this character is correct, click Next to step on to the next character.

When you have finished assigning characters you may

oclick OK to close the dialog and accept all the assignments made while it was open or
oclick Cancel to close the dialog; any assignments made while it was open will be ignored.

A new character code must be assigned to one instance of each unrecognized character in each font used by any text that you would like to extract.

Suppose, for example, that you to need change a dollar sign to a euro sign in an invoice. If the 'prices' were listed using 10pt Courier but 'totals' in 14pt Arial bold, a dollar character must be assigned in both fonts to extract 'prices' and 'totals' data in plain text.